Event: Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet Valentine’s Day Cooking Class

Last night we were amongst the chosen few to experience a hands on cookery class with Chef Russell and Chef Kevin from Galeries Lafayette where we created a very romantic and rather scrumptious three course dinner that revolved around the theme of Valentine’s Day.
We started off our cooking journey with a masterclass on how to create the perfect Truffle Pasta. Not only did we learn how to perfect the art of silky smooth pasta, but we also got to taste for the very first time – pasta infused with truffle in it.
If we say so ourselves, the pasta tasted delicious, fresh and rich in flavor as it is; but we cooked up a sauce anyway to amplify the flavor. Little did we know that with a few basic ingredients, a masterpiece can easily be created (which is what we did). The humble cream, mascarpone and mushroom sauce complimented the truffle pasta beautifully, creating a very rich, aromatic and earthy pasta dish fit for a king.
For the first time ever, we learned how to cook Veal as well, and cook it perfectly as per our liking. Along with our veal, we also created silky smooth mashed potato with truffle.
Definitely the fluffiest mash we’ve ever created or eaten. To wrap up the flavors of the dish, we cooked up a delicious and flavorsome jus of red wine and balsamic reduction infused with morels (type of mushroom) and roasted veggies on the side. The dish on the whole tasted unbelievably good; something we’d never imagine cooking ourselves.
Finally, to wrap up our cooking session we learned how easy it was to created beautiful and decadent chocolate truffles with a few basic ingredients, however making sure they are the best of quality.
The cooking classes at Galeries Lafayette occur once a month, with different cuisines being the focus. Not only do you learn new and improved cooking techniques, but you also learn how important it is to use fresh and good quality products in your cooking; which in turn make a big difference in the end result. At our cooking session too, from the quality of the salt right to the quality of meat – nothing was compromised. Best part? Most of these ingredients are available at Galeries Lafayette itself. So the hassle of finding products is reduced. Definitely recommend the cooking classes at Galleries Lafayette – it’s fun, something different and you get to learn a lot about cooking

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