Restaurant Review – Amore

A few weeks ago for a casual weekend brunch we headed down to Amore located at Downtown Dubai overlooking the beautiful Burj Khalifa. Shaped like a rectangular glass box, this restaurant is bound to easily grab your attention. A lovely spot indeed to enjoy the weather and shisha, however when it came to food, Amore did disappoint us.
We had the Spicy Chicken Wings served with blue cheese dressing to begin with. This was probably the best tasting dish since it was loaded with heat and a generous coating of sauce. The blue cheese dip too was spot on.
However our second appetizer which was the Spicy shrimps Pil Pil which is a sizzling hot Spanish dish with mushrooms, chilli, garlic and olive oil was a bit of a letdown. We were expecting a bit more heat however we could only get the flavor of freshly grilled shrimp. The dish did taste pleasant, however we were expecting more spice or heat as promised in the menu. Also, we felt that the dish was heavy handed with the oil.
For our mains, we tried the Italian Meatballs served with spaghetti. A beautifully presented dish indeed with generous portions of meatballs and marinara sauce. The spaghetti was cooked perfectly al dente, and the sauce was packed with flavor and heat. However as for the meatballs itself, we found it a bit overcooked and not moist and tender which is ideally how meatballs should taste like.
We also had the Lamb Rack grilled with Garam Masala, served with raita and sweet potato fries. Other than the Lamb being slightly over, everything else about this dish was perfectly. We loved the Indian spin on a classic lamb rack; definitely added spice to the dish. We loved the addition of raita as well as a dip incase the rack is too hot for your liking. The sweet potato fries too were perfectly soft and crispy. It went perfectly with the whole dish.
For dessert, along with our tea and coffee we had the Crème Brulee that is served in a tin foil. Although we wouldn’t necessarily call this dessert a crème brulee, we definitely loved it nevertheless. We loved the surprise of dates stuffed under the custard that added an amazing flavor and texture.
We also had the cheesecake with a generous portion of crust. The base was crunchy and the filling was luscious and of perfect consistency. It also looked very presentable and appetizing. Luckily for us, the taste didn’t disappoint.
The Bill:
Spicy Chicken Wings – Dhs42
Spicy Shrimps Pil Pil – Dhs65
Italian Meatballs – Dhs52
Lamb Rack – Dhs85
Crème Brulee – Dhs
Cheesecake – Dhs

Ambience – 3.5/5
Service – 3/5
Food – 3/5
Value – 3/5

3 - New

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