Restaurant Review – Bab Al Yam

A trip to the World’s Most Luxurious Hotel doesn’t occur on a frequent basis. However, if you do happen to visit or live in Dubai, you can’t leave without being mesmerized by the glorious monument that is Burj Al Arab. What’s not to love about this idiosyncratic sail-shaped building? With ultra-luxury written all over the hotel, it is bound to baffle and astonish even the most elite groups of society. So let us help you get (easily) convinced why the breakfast buffet at the newly renovated and refurbished Bab Al Yam is the perfect reason for you to explore and enjoy this monumental hotel.
On a special occasion a year ago, we had feasted at Bab Al Yam for dinner, having the most wonderful time. We didn’t expect to back so soon, but boy are we glad! But before we get to our review of the food at the breakfast buffet, we feel it’s worth mentioning (and highly insisting) that Bab Al Yam should be visited during the day since the view is absolutely breathtaking.
As we walked into Bab Al Yam we were surprised by how stunning the redesigned restaurant looked with floor to ceiling glass windows presenting a tranquil and peaceful view of the pool and beyond that, the Gulf. The white marble floors and counters that seemed very European (and very unlike Burj Al Arab) definitely boasted elegance and sophistication. Keeping the ambience and view aside, when it came to the food itself, the breakfast at Bab Al Yam is the best we’ve had and let us tell you why.
– Bab Al Yam serves a variety of some of the freshest, most exotic display of fruits and fruit smoothies. Delicious fruit smoothies taste absolutely refreshing and made with fresh fruits and yoghurt. There is also a selection of some flavorful yogurt parfaits and fresh fruit juices that you just can’t miss.
– The Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine Counter is another feature at Bab Al Yam’s breakfast buffet that we rarely find in other buffets. For the Eggs Benedict, we have an option of ham or smoked salmon to go with perfectly poached and runny eggs; we chose salmon. The baked Eggs Florentine too was absolutely delectable. A beautifully concoction of runny eggs with spinach, cream and cheese baked in a tiny ceramic container was definitely worth going seconds for.
– For the traditionalists as well, there is another Live Cooking Station for eggs as well where you can cook your eggs as per your preference with a variety of toppings and fillings to choose from. We had the Spanish omelet stuffed with cheese.
– The meats! There is an extensive display of cold cuts you could choose from. We also loved the selection of veal and chicken sausages and bacon that go perfectly with the eggs.

– The French Toast Counter. You can never say no to French toast, especially when there is a whole live cooking station dedicated solely to it. You can choose the type of bread based on your preference and the bread is then dipped in the egg mixture and grilled at the counter. We highly recommend pairing your French Toast with some fresh strawberries and warm melted chocolate from the Chocolate Fountain which is pure thick melted chocolate dispensed from a tap (no oil or any sort of thinning agent added to the chocolate, which is why it’s deliciously thick).
– The Pancake and Waffle station was another favorite at the brunch. You can soak them up in maple syrup or honey, or best – the chocolate sauce from the chocolate fountain!
Other than what we have already mentioned, there is still a lot left to try at the Bab Al Yam breakfast buffet, for instance there is an assortment of some freshly baked croissants and pastries that look and taste scrumptious. They also have a cheese and cracker selection that you wouldn’t want to miss.
We couldn’t think of a more perfect way to kickstart our day; sitting by the poolside, taking in the beautiful ocean breeze while satisfying our bellies to our hearts content. And then of course, there’s that remarkable feeling of feasting at the Burj Al Arab. Not too shabby for WhereMyFoodAt.

The Bill:
Breakfast Buffet – Dhs325 (pp)

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