Restaurant Review – Boca

We’re back at Boca and couldn’t be more excited. We’ve heard of how the new menu at Boca is amazingly (but not surprisingly) even better than the previous menu. Every visit to Boca has never failed to amaze us. If there is one restaurant that serves exclusive and distinctive variety of dishes like no other, it has to be Boca!
Ofcourse, one of the most refreshing drinks that we absolutely adore at Boca are the Thai Baby Coconuts that are perfectly refreshing at any time of the day. Which is why we got one each.
We began sampling the new menu by trying out the Beef Tartare which is dressed Argentinean grass fed beef tenderloin and beef tomato, with cured egg yolk and mustard seeds. What sets this tartare from the rest is the fact that the egg yolk (that usually is runny on most tartare) is cured and shredded over it, giving it not only a unique take but also adds a lovely texture and strong rich flavor
Thanks to Boca, we have now found the best ravioli dish that we’d probably ever have. This Lobster Ravioli with black truffle broth, lobster oil and celery has set the benchmark to which all other ravioli dishes will be compared hereafter. We loved how the ravioli bursts in our mouth and exudes this delicious and flavorful truffle broth that entices all our senses. Although the price is steep, the complexity of the dish and richness in flavor justifies it.
Next we had the Grilled Squid with mixed sautéed greens, salsa verde and dried piquillos pepper. A humble and well seasoned dish that was simple and perfectly executed. The squid wasn’t to rubbery and the greens had a pleasantly bitter flavor that complemented the squid well.
Another favorite that isn’t new in the Boca menu but HAS to be ordered if you dine here is the Boca Potato Chips which is thick and crunchy fries with spicy bravas sauce and aioli. First off, we’ve never seen chips so beautifully presented before. So we have to give Boca credit for that extra effort in making their dishes , even chips, look pretty. Secondly, each component married perfectly. The heat from the bravas sauce with the mildness of the aioli brought fireworks in our mouth. Definitely a must have.
The Boca Seafood Paella that is made for sharing is filled with arroz bomba, mixed shellfish, lemon confit and saffron and beautifully (and appetizingly) presented in a large skillet. Cooked just how all paellas should be cooked, we loved the al dente texture of the rice and how perfectly well each ingredient was prepared. Apart from the fact that the razor clams and snails were overcooked, everything was cooked perfectly! It is also worth mentioning that this dish is made for sharing, the beautiful seafood aroma and flavors make it very difficult to do so.
To end our meal, we opted for Peanut Butter Parfait with toffee and banana. Three absolutely mouth watering flavors that taste absolutely addictive when eaten together. Agreed, that the presentation isn’t perfect since we’d prefer it to be served on a larger plate, however the flavor of this dessert makes you indulge in it nevertheless.
Our final dish of the tasting was the Chocolate and Hazelnut Brownie which is textures of chocolate, raspberry and hazelnut praline. A dessert that looks absolutely stunning however didn’t meet the mark when it came to flavor. The taste was that of a regular chocolate inspired dessert, however we loved the cooking techniques used in executing the dish.
The Bill:
Beef Tartare – Dhs95
Lobster Ravioli – Dhs155
Grilled Squid – Dhs50
Boca Potato Chips – Dhs35
Boca Seafood Paella – Dhs195
Peanut Butter Parfait – Dhs50
Chocolate and Hazelnut Brownie – Dhs50

Ambience – 4/5
Food – 4/5
Service – 3.5/5
Value – 3.5/5

4 - New

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