Restaurant Review – Cavalli Club

For a long time now, Cavalli Club has always seized the spotlight when if comes to the best nightclubs in town. When you step into Cavalli Club for the first time, you are bound to get dazed and astounded with the glitzy and glamorous set up of the club. Right from its 20 feet high walls, to its ginormous Swarovski ornamented chandeliers, the entire club is a replication of the luxury and flair inspired by the fashion mogul himself – Roberto Cavalli.
Our review on Cavalli Club will most definitely be distinctive from the rest for the sole reason that Cavalli Club has always been limelight for the incomparable nightlife experience it protrudes. However, we are here to tell you that the restaurant is equally extraordinary, and deserves just as much of the spotlight.
A word of advice before we begin with our food review, make sure to dine in early (around 8pm would be apt) so that you could wind up your dinner well before the “club” vibe kicks in. Also, Cavalli Club is by far one of the most glamorous and beautiful restaurants we’ve stepped foot in, so we highly recommend this place for a special occasion or when you have to entertain tourists in the city.
Once we sat down at our table where our view was flashy lights with a million Swarovski crystals over our heads, we were then presented with our menus by our very friendly server as he recommended his personal favorites and some popular dishes at the restaurant.
We started off with “Melanzane Alla Parmigiana” as our first appetizer which is a crispy eggplant parmigiana and pinzimonio salad. The salad gets full points for presentation, since it looked breathtaking. As far as flavor and texture is concerned, the dish definitely hits the spot. The eggplant was cooked perfectly and the pinzimonio salad ( Italian version of crudités) which is raw vegetables dipped in olive oil tasted refreshing and light.
We then moved on to “Carpaccio Di Gamberi Rossi, Bottarga E Anguria Infusa Di Spritz”. The red prawn Carpaccio which is thinly sliced red prawns is served with celery, bottarga (salted and dried tuna) and watermelon compresse with Aperol spritz. A beautiful play in flavors and an extremely refined dish that boasts some exquisite quality of ingredients used. We always say, good ingredients go a long way; and this dish demonstrates our belief beautifully.
For our final appetizer we tried the beautifully presented “Capesante, Topinambur E Cicorie” which is scallop saltimbocca, tolinambur cream and chicory puntarelle salad. Saltimbocca is a dish lined with prosciutto, and the contrast in texture and flavor of the scallops and prosciutto was exquisite.
From the pasta section we tried the “Spaghetti Sardegna” which is spaghettone, aglio, olio pepperoncino, mussel, sea urchin e Bottarga. This dish was packed with a beautiful seafood aroma that lightened up our sense. A well balanced dish in terms of flavor with a gentle kick of saltiness from the seafood, and the pasta too was cooked perfectly aldente.
We also tried the “Culurgiones Al Formaggio Di Capra E Melanzane Alla Sassarese” which is handmade culurgiones (a type of raviolli) filled with goat ricotta, sassarese eggplant cream and canonau wine reduction. The culurgiones were cooked perfectly and the texture too was not to thin or thick. Also, the were generously filled and packed with richness and creaminess. The eggplant cream too posed as a perfect sauce and the wine reduction added a subtle sweetness to the dish.
For mains we had the “Spigola, Cippolloto, Zucchini E Salsa Verde” which is Mediterranean Sea Bass with braised spring onion cream, zucchini and Salsa verde. A typical Mediterranean seafood dish is bound to give you heaps of flavor. However what stood out in the dish was the sea bass itself that was elegantly presented and cooked well, however we did find it a little dry and lacked depth in terms of flavor, we would have preferred maybe a sauce to go with it and round off the dish perfectly
Finally, for our last main we had the “Costoletta Di Vitello Da Latte Alla Milanese” which is Milk – Fed Veal Milanese with herbs, Breadcrumbs, Homemade crisp and Chicory salad. This definitely is a signature dish at Cavalli Club and when it was presented to us, we knew why. Served on a small barbecue brick, the veal absorbs the beautiful aroma of the smoke that brings out the flavor of the veal. A very unique dish indeed that ticks all the boxes for us.
The final round of desserts surely did wow us. The “Sorpresa Di Cioccolato” which is also known as a chocolate surprise looked like a magnificent piece of art. May we warm you, that this dessert is extremely rich and decadent, but if you’re like us – that would definitely not be a problem.
Definitely the most unique and mesmerizing dessert we’ve ever had is the “Semifreddo Alla Liquerizia E Tartufo” which is Liqourice and Truffle Parfait. This dessert might present mixed opinions at the table, nevertheless it bound to wow anyone. Who doesn’t love truffle? And to have truffle incorporated in your ice cream is pure genius. The flavor or sweet and salty go perfectly together, leaving us absolutely stunned.
Finally, the prettiest dessert of them all; the “Delizzia Al Limone Di Sorrento” which is Sorrento Lemon Delight definitely made us go weak in the knees. When you crack open into the “lemon” that is created with top notch sugar work, you are presented with a beautiful lemon cake and gelato that gives an incredible citrus punch. We absolutely loved this one.
The Bill:
Melanzane Alla Parmigiana – Dhs85
Di Gamberi Rossi, Bottarga E Anguria Infusa Di Spritz – Dhs150
Capesante, Topinambur E Cicorie – Dhs115
Spaghetti Sardegna – Dhs110
Culurgiones Al Formaggio Di Capra E Melanzane Alla Sassarese – Dhs120
Spigola, Cippolloto, Zucchini E Salsa Verde – Dhs200
Costoletta Di Vitello Da Latte Alla Milanese – Dhs240
Sorpresa Di Cioccolato – Dhs75
Semifreddo Alla Liquerizia E Tartufo – Dhs75
Delizzia Al Limone Di Sorrento – Dhs75

Food – 3.5/5
Service – 4/5
Ambience – 4/5
Value – 3.5/5

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