Restaurant Review – Mezza House

A few weeks ago we had a tasting at Mezza House located at the Boulevard in Downtown Dubai. Before entering the restaurant we noticed how crowded the place was for a weekday, which increased our expectations with respect to the food.
However, sadly the taste did not match up to our expectations as we were hoping. Agreed, the ambience and vibe of this place is buzzing throughout the week. Which is why we would highly recommend Mezza House for shisha and food to much on, but not for dinner. Mind you, its not that we’re implying the food doesn’t taste good or isn’t value for money, but we just feel that there is a lot of room for improvement in Mezza House.
We started off with a traditional Lebanese salad called Fattoush that was served in a small tin bucket that we found adorable. The seasoning of the salad was perfectly done and the portion too was huge.
We then tried the Hummus El Mezza which is a chickpea paste served with baby veal chunks and a special sauce. A delicious snack that is light on the tummy yet satisfies the craving of meat.
We also tried the Batata Harra which is cubed of golden sautéed potatoes with coriander and garlic. Unfortunately this dish was a let down since the potato was soggy.
We however enjoyed the “Bel Hamod” which is sautéed lamb cocktail sausages glazed in pomegranate molasses and lemon. Loved the texture of the sausages and the sweetness of the sauce.
The Mezza mixed grilled platter with skewers of veal tikka, shish taouk (garlic and yoghurt marinated chicken), arayes (minced lamb stuffed pita), rack of lamb and kofta skewers was real value for money. Other than the rack of lamb, we loved how the rest of the meat was cooked and seasoned perfectly. A healthy and delicious dish indeed.
However our second main which was the “Upside Down Casserole” consisting of a spiced and slow cooked rice dish cooked with chicken, eggplant and cauliflower is flipped upside down and served with yoghurt sauce didn’t hit the spot for us. Although the dish was cooked perfectly well, it lacked flavor and aroma, that didn’t make us go crazy for this dish.
The Bill:
Fattoush – Dhs35
Hummus El Mezza – Dhs35
Batata Harra – Dhs30
Bel Hamod – Dhs35
Mezza Mixed Grilled Platter – Dhs85
Down Casserole – Dhs60

Ambience – 3/5
Food – 3/5
Service – 2/5
Value – 3/5

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