Restaurant Review – Skye & Walker

For all you health freaks, this post is going to be a real treat for you! A while ago we were at the launch of Skye & Walker, a new eatery that has graced itself at the Marriott Executive Apartments in Dubai Creek.
Skye & Walker is all about indulging without the guilt. No, they do not just serve salads and the typical healthy food (that somehow never floats our boat), but they’ve managed to put a vegan, raw or gluten free twist to almost all their dishes helping you indulge without the guilt. About time, huh?
Something so simple as the Kale Chips that are basically baked pieces of kale can taste so good and crunchy; and of course a better alternative than regular chips.
We love Foodie Events where we get a chance to mingle with fellow food bloggers – old and new, and sample menus that we can collectively and constructively criticize. However, at the Skye and Walker launch event, there was very little to criticize from the menu. Since the food was extraordinarily fresh and healthy, how can one complain?

For instance, we sampled some of their best salads that simply floored us;
– The Slow Roasted Beet Salad with segmented orange, candied walnuts, feta, arugula, mint and balsamic dressing was packed with flavor. The beetroot was cooked perfectly soft, the creaminess and saltiness of the feta and the textural and sweet play with the candied walnuts was absolutely gratifying.
– The Lamb Kofta and Spinach Quinoa Salad with cherry tomatoes, pomegranate seeds, zaatar labneh and pomegranate vinaigrette was beautifully presented. If you love a good portion of meat with their salads, this one is definitely for you. Although the meet is not as succulent as we’d like, nevertheless it had flavors to salvage the dish.
– The Kale Caesar Salad was a hit at the table. It comprised of gluten free croutons, pomegranate seeds and shaved parmesan. The textural play and simplicity of flavors in this salad is what made the dish stand out from the rest.
– The Avocado Caprese with fresh mozzarella, marinated tomato, basil leaves, pesto, balsamic and olive oil was another very refreshing dish that ticked all the boxes for us. Mozzarella holds a special place in our hearts when it comes to some of the best cheeses we’ve had. We loved the rich and subtle flavors of this dish with the flavor of the pesto lightening things up.
Once we were done with our round of salads, we were presented with enormous portions of mains, each looking absolutely scrumptious and appetizing.
– The S & W Zoodles which are basically zucchini noodles dressed with extra virgin olive oil and mixed with garlic, cherry tomatoes, onion, basil and shaved parmesan was an absolute delight. Loved the idea of ribboning vegetables to make them look like noodles. And the texture of the zucchini too was perfectly al dente. Definitely trying this dish again on our next visit.
– The Quinoa and White Bean Pockets filled with arugula, tomato, red onion, tahina and arabic pickles was light and filled with protein. A middle eastern inspired dish that is perfect for those with small appetites.
– The Baked Sweet Potato and Gnocchi Casserole with tomato sauce, organic minced beef, basil and mozzarella was a definite hit at our table. By far the most scrumptious dish on the table, and luckily for us – healthy too.
– Another simple and effortlessly tasty dish was the herb crusted chicken breast with mushroom gravy and steamed broccoli. Nothing that wowed us in terms of flavor, but it definitely meets the mark when it comes to a super healthy dish.

– The roasted salmon fillet too is a simple and healthy dish that can be savored with sauces and sides of your choice. We highly recommend the compound herb butter sauce with roasted garlic asparagus.
Apart from the mains, you can also enjoy the pizza which you can assemble on your own with your choice of sauce, veggies, cheese and protein. However, we feel the mains had a lot more character and uniqueness as compared to the pizzas that tasted pretty ordinary.
Finally for dessert, we sampled a selected of ice creams; the date and chocolate ice cream being our favorite. We also had the Raw Carrot Cake that tasted unbelievably delicious and the Apple Crumble which was perfect and comforting for the cold weather. The flourless chocolate cake was dense and rich and had that delicious aftertaste of bitter chocolate. Finally, the Matcha Chia Pudding which is made with chia seeds tastes perfect as dessert or even better, for breakfast!
The Bill:
Slow Roasted Beet Salad – Dhs50
Lamb Kofta – Dhs50
Kale Caesar Salad – Dhs45
Avocado Caprese – Dhs50
S & W Zoodles – Dhs55
Quinoa and White Bean Pockets – Dhs70
Baked Sweet Potato and Gnocchi Casserole – Dhs65
Herb Crusted Chicken Breast With Mushroom Gravy – Dhs65
Roasted Salmon Fillet – Dhs75
Apple Crumble – Dhs35
Raw Carrot Cake – Dhs35
Flourless Chocolate Cake – Dhs35

Ambience – 3/5
Food – 3/5
Service – 3.5/5
Value – 3/5

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