Restaurant Review – Toko

We’re back at Toko to try another scrumptious set menu that we surprisingly adored. A couple of months ago we sampled the Toko Night Brunch that floored us, so we were eagerly anxious to see what the “Joto Lunch Menu” brought to the table.
We started of with a very refreshing Miso Soup and crunchy edamame that is a favorite at Toko.
From our next course we chose the Aromatic Duck Salad with Hoisin Lime Dressing and Myoga (a type of Japanese ginger). The salad tasted very fresh and duck was crispy and cooked perfectly, however we felt it lacked dressing that didn’t make it taste perfect.
We also had the Robata Grilled Chicken Yakitori which is a popular street food throughout Japan. The Yakitori which is a Japanese type of skewered chicken was sticky, tender and perfectly grilled. A simple dish that was perfectly executed.
For our third course we opted for the Seafood Gyoza Yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) with Wasabi Dressing. A Gyoza is a type of dumpling that is very popular in Japan. We felt the dough itself was perfectly thin however the taste of the filling inside didn’t wow us and the flavor of the wasabi wasn’t strong enough for our liking.
The Crispy Rare Beef Tacos were probably the best dish of the entire afternoon. The beef was perfectly rare and seasoned well. And the crispy taco shell complemented the beef perfectly too.
Next, we sampled the Miso Marinated Black Cod and Japanese Sliders with Sweet Potato Fries. We loved how the Cod was cooked, however the sauce itself was a bit too sweet for our liking, but then again it’s a personal preference. If you like sweetness in your food, then this dish would definitely be delightful.
The Japanese Sliders as always never fails to disappoint us. The bun was perfectly buttery and beautifully layered. And the sweet potato fries were crisp and delicious. Ofcourse, the red color of the bun adds to the aesthetic appeal.
To end our meal, we had a Dark Chocolate Fondant that was perfectly gooey and slightly bitter. Not the best fondant we’ve had since we’ve had way too many, however we still feel it’s worth it!
We also had another dessert comprising of Coffee Parfait with Honeycomb and a Whiskey Foam that tasted absolutely beautiful. However we wish there was a bit more honeycomb to add more texture to the dessert, nevertheless it was stellar
The Bill:
Joto Business Lunch – Dhs85(pp)
Dessert is additional! (Dhs35 each)

Ambience – 4/5
Service – 3/5
Food – 3/5
Value – 3.5/5

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