Cafe Review – Beesket

New concepts are like a breath of fresh air for bloggers like us who thrive on creativity and individuality.
A little kiosk recently opened up in Dubai Mall that goes by the name of Beesket. This being the second outlet, the first was a much larger branch located at sunset mall.
A growing phenomenon in the whole of UAE is the recent strive to be organic and healthy, and Beesket is trying to play its little role by powering that phenomenon.
Its not just your ordinary “juice shop” though. At Beesket, you are presented with a large colorful board of mini tablets (or capsules) with each color representing a particular fruit or vegetable.
To customize your drink, you are given a capsule case with three empty brackets to be filled with three capsules of your choice (so much fun!). Once you fill in your capsule case, you then present it to the counter who scans it for you. And when we say “scan” we mean it calculates exactly how many calories your drink will have. Clearly, technology is overtaking the culinary world as well huh?
Also, if you aren’t sure about what fruits and vegetables will suit you best, not to worry. There is a display of different categories – for your skin, for detox, for mass building, for stress relieving and many more, and combinations underneath those categories for you to choose from.
A quirky and perfectly executed concept that seems to be pretty well for itself considering it was packed with people when we visited. You’ve got to give it a try!

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