Restaurant Review – Claw BBQ Crabshack & Grill

If our previous fine dining posts seem too conventional and unadventurous to you, here’s some that will get you intrigued. Especially if you’re one of those who don’t have time for all the fuss that comes with dining at a fancy restaurant, but yet want to enjoy quality American food with Southern hospitality at its best.
“All manners go out the door the second you walk in” is a slogan that needs to be taken very seriously when you dine at Claw Crab shack & Grill. Even though we savored the food, a few other things we loved about this restaurant are;
– Its Location. Situated at one of our favorite dining spots, Claw offers you the beautiful view of the Dubai Fountain. Perfect for a night out with guests new to Dubai.
– The Ambience and Vibe. With brick walls, neon signs, paper table cloths, servers wearing jerseys, guests wearing plastic bibs and colorful light bulbs adorning the ceiling and sky, Claw literally forces you to sit back, relax and be at your comfortable best.
– The service. Being the incarnation of America’s favorite style eatery, Claw features Southern Hospitality at its best. The servers are super friendly, casual and sometimes funny too. It added to the positivity of our entire experience.
– The drinks. Claw BBQ and Crabshack serves some of the craziest drinks we’ve ever seen. We tried their Passionfruit Margherita in a giant martini glass that tasted absolutely delicious! Not much to say about the alcohol, but we heard they’re ridiculously good.
But lets get “cracking” on the main reason why we’re dining at Claw – the show stoppin’ food! The menu offers a wide section of seafood classics and some wholesome American food that is not for the faint hearted. We say that because Claw suits people with big appetites best due their ginormous portions (another reason why we love Claw). We started off by sampling three appetizers that were recommended by our kind server;
– We started off light with a generous serving of Chips and Guacamole. The guacamole was served in a traditional mortar and pestle and flavored pretty well. Served with salsa and sour cream on the side, this appetizer will be a perfect choice if you want to begin with a dish that is easy on the tummy.
– Next we had the Mini Corndogs served with Honey Mustard Dressing. Getting your hands on delicious corndogs in Dubai might seem like bit of a challenge. Luckily we got to savor some perfectly battered and fried delicious mini corndogs at Claw that tasted like comfort food at its best. Although served with mustard, ask your server for ketchup too, it enhances the tastiness to a whole new level!
– Our third appetizer and best of them all is the Buffalo Jumbo Shrimp which is Fried Shrimp tossed in Hot Sauce and Served with celery and Blue Cheese dipping sauce. The portion is generous and the sauce is addictively good. Its tastes best when you drench the shrimp in the blue cheese sauce as it balances out the sour tanginess of the buffalo sauce. A must try!
For mains, we had the Baja Fish Tacos which are two Seasonal Battered Fish fillets, served in a flour tortilla with Napa Cabbage, Tomatoes, Onions, Cheddar Cheese, Scallions, Guacamole, Sour Cream and homemade salsa. Another light dish where the star was that flaky fish that melts in your mouth as you bite into it. Eating it could be a bit messy, but thats the point of Claw. The cheese and guacamole were clever ingredients that were added to the tacos, since it gave more depth in terms of flavor.
We also tried the Shrimp Po’Boy which is claws version of a Big Easy Classic Crispy Fried Shrimp served with coleslaw, avocado, lettuce, tomato, dill pickle and mustard. A Po’Boy is essentially a traditional submarine sandwich from Louisiana that is stuffed with meat and in this case, shrimp. This sandwich was a bit of disappointment since it lacked flavor or uniqueness that made us go for that second bite. Although the crispy shrimp added a bit of texture, thats about it. We wishes there were more sauces incorporated into this sandwich to make it a bit more appetizing.
Our final main was the BBQ Beef Short Ribs slowly braised in homemade sweet and tangy BBQ sauce served with garlic mashed potato and grilled corn. Definitely our dish of the day! This dish was extremely tender (you don’t need a knife) and drenched in that sweet and sticky BBQ sauce that makes your mouth water. Also, this portion of this dish is humongous!
Along with our mains we ordered Sides of Succotash (a dish consisting of mixed vegetables) and Sweet Potato Fries that were perfectly crisp.
Its pretty obvious now that we cant leave any restaurant without sampling their desserts, and so at Claw we did just that. Their Warm Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice cream could probably qualify as one of the best pies we’ve had. Rich, comforting, wholesome and ridiculously delicious are some of the words we can use to describe how good this apple pie is. The ice cream adds that delectable hot and cold contrast we love in desserts and needless to say, the size of the pie was huge!
We also devoured a giant Baked Alaska which is a dessert consisting of ice cream and cake shaped like a dome and topped with browned meringue. The dessert looked absolutely exquisite, but didn’t taste so. The components of this dessert tasted ordinary but delicious nevertheless. We just wished it had something else to make it look and taste unique.
The Bill:
Chips and Guacamole – Dhs50
Mini Corndogs – Dhs45
Buffalo Jumbo Shrimp – Dhs85
Baja Fish Tacos – Dhs70
Shrimp Po’Boy – Dhs85
BBQ Beef Short Ribs – Dhs149
Warm Apple Pie – Dhs55
Baked Alaska – Dhs55

Ambience – 4/5
Service – 4/5
Food – 4/5
Value – 3.5/5

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