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DIFC, the hub for some of the fanciest and most unique restaurants in Dubai opens its doors to a rather unusual restaurant. Ofcourse, we mean it in a good way. A restaurant cum lounge that offers cuisines from everywhere, aiming to bring the best from different parts of the world, is a restaurant you shouldn’t miss visiting.
So we did just that when we dined at Indie Lounge a few weeks ago that brought about a very pleasant dining experience. We always say, the food served at a restaurant contributes to only half of the entire dining experience, and we felt that Indie understood that perfectly well. With quirky artifacts, mix and match furniture, bookshelves, vintage decor and bare bulbs floating along the entire ceiling, Indie is bound to leave you gazed and astonished.
The food served at Indie is perfect for a simple dinner or probably to go along with your drinks on a girls night out. Also, at Indie they believe in a sharing concept (which we always appreciate) and the food menu isn’t necessarily categorized into appetizers and mains. Rather all items on the menu can be considered as both, a snack or a whole hearted meal.
We began our tasting by sampling the Asian Burgers which are Prime Beef Mini Burgers topped with a wasabi ginger sauce and ginger pickles. The burgers itself were juicy and cooked perfectly and the wasabi ginger sauce added a contrast (or rather burst) of flavors that married well with the flavor of the beef.
The stand out however, and probably the best dish we’ve had at Indie is the Rossini Jr. which are Prime beef mini cubes topped with seared Foie Gras and Truffle flakes. A must try at Indie since these bites melt in your mouth in seconds. It’s no surprise that when prime beef, truffle and foie gras are combined into one dish, wonders will be created. And this dish did just that. We were left with an uncontrollable urge to devour at least ten portions of these. We really wished the portions were a bit more.
Next, we tried the Spicy Tuna which is spicy raw tuna on crispy rice cubes. We loved this dish for two reasons alone – firstly, the quality of tuna used was premium which instantly adds depth to the dish and secondly, the seasoning and flavors used was perfectly proportionate with the tuna, enabling the fish to shine through.
The Super Corn which is a salad comprising of a mix of sweet and Peruvian corn with lime dressing is a refreshing salad that is simple yet unique. We love the texture of Peruvian corn however they aren’t easily available in many restaurants in Dubai. Luckily for us, we got to savor them at Indie. Delicious!
We also relished the “Crab’oustine” salad which is fresh crab and langoustine (or scampi) with wild herbs. The seafood was delicately cooked and generously served. Also, the dish itself was beautifully presented and garnished.
Another unique dish was the Ravioli which is grilled mascarpone and pumpkin ravioli on a creamy foie gras sauce. Unlike most ravioli thats boiled, the ravioli in this dish was grilled added a unique texture. We feared the pasta itself could’ve been rubbery, however it was perfectly soft and al dente. The foie gras sauce added a rich spin to the dish.
A great accompaniment would have to be the “Pont-Neuf” Fries which are large fries served with Black Truffle sauce. A bit overpriced according to us, since the fries didn’t “wow” us. However the truffle sauce instantly adds bags of flavor.
If we had to pick a flaw with the menu of Indie, it would have to be in terms of variety of dessert. The desserts weren’t appetizing enough for us as we would’ve hoped. They were pleasantly delicious nevertheless. We had the Waffle Love Bites which are bite sized waffles topped with wild berries and a sweet and sour cream. They waffles with the topping tasted good, however we felt it wasn’t unique and a bit to “lazy” for the price they were serving this dessert at.
The Pannacotta on the other hand was a treat! Beautiful consistency and just an absolutely pleasure to eat. The texture and consistency was on point and we couldn’t have rounded off our meal any better
The Bill:
Asian Sliders – Dhs81
Rossini Jr. – Dhs195
Spicy Tuna – Dhs63
Super Corn Salad – Dhs59
Crab’oustine – Dhs109
Grilled Ravioli – Dhs98
“Pont-Neuf” Fries – Dhs50
Waffle Love Bites – Dhs50

Ambience – 4/5
Service – 4.5/5
Food – 3.5/5
Value – 2.5/5

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