Restaurant Review – Junoon

We are back again at the very famous Michelin star restaurant all the way from New York that will always have a soft spot in hearts, since its owned by one of our most favorite Indian celebrity chefs – Vikas Khanna. Our visit this time however was to sample the “Junoon Spring Soiree” menu and some favorites from the old menu as well.
We started off our tasting with our very kind and entertaining & talented bartender Diyan stirring up some delicious mocktails for us.
We were also later treated to a exclusive master class where we learnt how to whip up the signature pina colada served in a frozen pineapple!
The menu comprised of the Eggplant Chaat; a favorite at Junoon that is ridiculously addicted. The Eggplant “Chaat” which is Hindi for snack is made up of crispy eggplant with tamarind chutney and chaat masala. The crunchy eggplants have a beautiful texture that melts in your mouth once you bit into it. Also, the sweet tamarind chutney cuts through the saltiness of the eggplant and poses as a lovely contrast.
Next we sampled the Dahi Kebab with sweet and sour mango, date orange puree, spring onion relish and kalonji which is also known as black cumin. This dish which is vegetarian is made out of yoghurt and it is perfect if your palette is more inclined towards sweeter flavors. Although we personally found it a bit too bland for our taste buds, the texture and complexity of the dish is worth a shot.
The Piri Piri Shrimp on the other hand was a definite stand out for us. Comprising of black tiger shrimp, coconut puree and shrimp oil powder; the shrimp was perfectly cooked and spiced just right. We loved the quantity too.
For Kebabs, we had the Murgh Tikka Mirza Hasnu which is Chicken Tikka with a Brocolli Puree and topped wih Brocolli Heart Salad. A simple yet flavorful dish that was executed brilliantly. The chicken was marinated well and perfectly charred and tender.
We also had the Kadak Seekh which is Crispy Lamb Kebab with Green Chill Paneer, Smoked Tamarind Raita and Red Chilli Chutney. Another delicious appetizer that was seasoned and spiced perfectly. The texture of the lamb was perfect too.
For our mains, we began with the Macchi Masala which is Pan roasted Artic Char flavored with green chilli coriander marinade and saffron gel. Although we loved how the fish was cooked (until tender flaky perfection) we felt the flavor of the gravy didn’t complement the fish very well.
We also tried Murg Saunfiyani which is gravy of Chicken thigh with cashew fennel curry, and tawa fennel. A very wholesome and hearty dish that ticked all the boxes in terms of flavors and textures. The cashew added a nice richness and thickness to the gravy.
The Brussels Matar which is a vegetarian dish of Brussels sprouts, sprig onions, green chili, turmeric and sweet peas was another well executed dish. This dish was bursting with flavor and executed brilliantly. Also, we loved the textural element this dish gave and the burst of spice that tingled all our tastebuds.
A classic favorite at Junoon are the Junoon black lentils with tomato cream sauce, red chili and fenugreek. This dish could quite possibly be Indian comfort food at its best. The black lentils were perfectly tender and soft and tasted absolutely satisfying.

Finally, for dessert we were given a live demonstration of how Guava icecream can be created within seconds with the help of a magnificent ingredient that goes by the name of Liquid Nitrogen. The guava icecream tasted absolutely smooth and refreshing.
The “Chocolate coconut” which was a glorious dessert of coconut fennel mousse, milk chocolate sandalwood parfait and coconut barfi definitely stole the show for us. We loved the combination of chocolate and coconut that married together perfectly in our mouth. Ofcourse, needless to say the presentation of this dish was beyond brilliant.
We ended our meal with shots of Malai Pearl with Milk almond, pistachio and saffron. A mild sweet dumpling that is soaked in sweet milk with a tinge of saffron to bring out the flavor of this dessert.
Ambience – 3.5/5
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 4/5
Value – 4/5

4 - New

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