Restaurant Review: Labbys The Hellenic House

Over the week we visited a very chic yet authentic Greek restaurant located at the heart of JLT that serves some of the most delicious and humble Grecian food. In an area like JLT, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to dining at good restaurants. And Labbys The Hellenic House poses as one of the best restaurants we’ve been to at JLT. The food is not only pure Grecian and extremely light, but also affordable. And the set up is minimalistic and modern.
To begin our meal we began with the Fried Feta which is Filo Pastry wrapped feta cheese that was fried to golden perfection! Loved the addition of sesame and honey which gave it a beautiful sweetness that just cut through the saltiness of the cheese. A definite must try if you happen you visit Labbys. The portion too is pretty generous for the price.
Next, we had the Yiaourtlou Kebab which are a couple of tender kebabs served over pita bread topped with tomato sauce onions and yogurt. Loved how comforting this dish was and how well spiced and tender the meat tasted. However, we found it a bit odd that multiple layers of pita were used, we felt just one layer of pita would be sufficient.
We also tried the Pita Souvlaki. It was a delightful wrap with bags of flavor. A marriage made in heaven if you ask us with those tender kebabs combined with tzatziki, tomato, parsley, onion and potatoes. If we had to nit pick however, it was a bit small in comparison to the price offered.
The Kotopoulo me patates fournou which was a special on the day we had visited and the waiter recommended it, so we tried it. Simple food always wins in our eyes and this was no different, tender juicy chicken served along with beautifully oven baked potatoes marinated in oregano, garlic and lemon. The simplicity of flavors in this dish definitely shone through.
For dessert, we started off with Ravani, a traditional Greek semolina cake soaked in a sugar syrup. The cake was served along with what we would consider a very unique mastiha infused ice cream which we found a bit odd on our palettes at first, but it combined amazingly (and surprisingly) well with the cake.
We also tried the Sokolatopita which is a chocolate cake served with ice cream. It tasted like a generic chocolate cake, however a bit more on the drier side. It was delicious nevertheless but didn’t wow us.
The Bill:
Tzatziki – Dhs25
Fried Feta – Dhs36
Yiaourtlou Kebab – Dhs78
Pita Souvlaki – Dhs28
Kotopoulo Me Patates Fournou – Dhs48
Ravani – Dhs28
Sokolatopita – Dhs38

Ambience – 4/5
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 3.5/5
Value – 3.5/5

3_5 - New

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