Restaurant Review – Marina Social

It was a couple of Fridays ago when we headed to the Intercontinental Dubai Marina to experience the “Share & Social” Brunch at the latest hotspot in town – Marina Social.
Owned by celebrity Michelin starred British Chef Jason Atherton , Marina Social boasts simplistic and modernistic decor with an enormous veranda overlooking the beautiful view of the marina. If you’re lucky enough to be brunching at the Marina Social whilst this gorgeous weather lasts, then we highly recommend grabbing a table outside where you can enjoy your brunch and the view of yachts sailing by at the same time.
We’ve heard the drinks and cocktails provided in this brunch are decently good, however we cant give much input regarding that unfortunately since we don’t consume much alcohol. We were at the “Share & Social” Brunch for obvious reasons – the food, so lets get straight to it.
Before we begin, through our experience we feel it is important to let you know that Marina Social’s brunch would be considered “worth it” if you’re visiting solely for the vibe and drinks. The food was a bit mediocre for the price. It could probably be because we’ve had our fair share of brunch reviews and nothing really stood out for us, or the fact that the A La Carte menu at Marina Social boasts some of the finest cooking techniques by Jason Atherton and we didn’t get to experience that. Whatever the reason may be, the food is delicious but nothing that extraordinary to bring us back.
We were presented with our menus that gave us options of starters, mains and desserts where we got to chose one dish from each course. The options were pretty decent, but if you’re vegetarian, you might be a bit disappointed.
We started off with an appetizers that we brought it a picnic basket (we found that super cute).
We chose the Caponata, Pistachio and Feta dish that was light and had alot of flavor. Caponata is an eggplant dip that tastes delicious with pita bread. We also enjoyed the pistachio dip that gave it a nice earthy flavor.
Our second appetizer was the Smoked Sea Trout with Celeriac and Apple Remoulade (remoulade is an aioli based condiment). The presentation was done beautifully in a small circular jar, and the the flavors too were very refreshing. However the dish lacked texture.
For mains we had the Tomato Basil and Mozzarella Pizza. The crust was crispy, but that’s about it. It tasted like a good wholesome pizza, but didn’t make us go wow. Also, one of us being vegetarian, this was the only option we had for mains, so we were a tad bit disappointed.
The Mac, beef cheeks ‘n’ Cheese however would easily bag the “dish of the day” title for its super creamy cheese sauce and absolutely flavorful and tender beef cheeks that complemented the macaroni perfect.
Luckily for us, the desserts weren’t a let down since we savored the Apple Crumble and Birds Custard. The apple was soft and tart and complemented the sweet crunchy crumble perfectly. We also loved the consistency of the custard that added richness to the crumble and mellowed the tartness of the apple.
Lastly, we had the Dark Chocolate Sundae with Brownies and Frozen White Chocolate. Another deliciously presented dessert that was simple yet so fulfilling! The texture and consistency of the brownies was perfectly and the dessert as a whole tasted simply good.
The Bill:
Soft Social (inclusive of soft beverages) – Dhs315
House Social (inclusive of house beverages) – Dhs495
Bubbly Social (inclusive of house beverages & bubbly) – Dhs595

Ambience – 4/5
Service – 3.5/5
Food – 3.5/5
Value – 3/5

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