Cafe Review – La Pulpe

A few days we happened to stumble on a juice shop located at Oud Mehta that somehow grabbed our attention for its quirky graffiti and bright and funky décor. Once we stepped in we came to discover a juice concept that is probably (and surely) the first of its kind in Dubai.
Founded by three friends a few months ago, La Puple is a juice concept that serves refreshing juices, shakes and smoothies with pulp inside.

For instance, we tried the Estimulant which is a Pulp drink of mango and strawberry. We loved how the straws were thick enough for us to get tiny pieces of strawberry and mango with every sip. Not sure if it is a drink or a snack really, but whatever it is, we seemed love it.
What blew our minds even more were the “Kickers” which were milkshakes with signature chocolates. We tried the Nutella Kicker, and to our surprise we were found with tiny pieces of Nutella in each sip. Nutella as we all know it is in a paste (semi liquid) form, so to find chunks of Nutella in our shake was absolutely incredible. Oh, and did we mention of addictively good it tasted?
We also tried the Ferrero Kicker which is a milkshake with crushed up Ferreros. Absolutely sinful and delicious, you just can’t stop at one sip. Similarly, you also get the Raffaello, Daim, Maltesers, Flake, Orea, Kinder and many more that will soon be introduced.

Luckily for us, the owner of La Pulpe was sweet enough to prepare a Kicker for us that hasn’t been launched in the menu yet. Mind you, this was the best of them all. With a huge demand and hype all over Dubai, ofcourse they would have to include a Lotus Kicker in their menu. We have tried a lot of Lotus Cheesecakes, Cakes, Ice creams and the likes, but the Lotus shake was a first for us. What’s even better? Thanks to the concept of La Pulpe, we get tiny pieces of Lotus biscuit with every sip that tastes like heaven!
After a busy week at work, we are pretty sure we are going to make a weekly ritual trip to La Pulpe and devor the Nutella and Lotus Kicker all over again

The Bill:
Estimulant – Dhs19
Nutella Kicker – Dhs20
Ferrero Kicker – Dhs20

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