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About Sofitel :
On a private beach located at the edge of Palm Jumeirah lies a hotel with beautiful architecture and landscaping like no other. Sofitel The Palm is not just renowned for its splendid location at The Palm and luxurious vibe it protrudes, but also for the unique restaurants it nestles. We can’t help but look forward to tasting sessions at this hotel; right from the entrance to the view and serenity of the beach – it all takes our breath away. The Dim Sum Masterclass at Hong Loong was one such event that brought us to this hotel.
About Hong Loong:
Hong Loong, popularly known for its Dim Sum Brunch (held every Saturday for AED 350 per person) gives traditional Chinese cuisine a contemporary twist. The restaurant boasts large glass windows overlooking the sea and decor that is classy yet oriental. What we loved the most about the layout of Hong Loong was the large glass cooking station located at the centre of the restaurant for guests to watch the chefs in action. They probably serve some of the best Asian cuisine in Dubai, but nothing can beat the dim sums at Hong Loong. Which is why we strongly recommend attending the Dim Sum brunch if you plan on paying a visit here.
Our Masterclass:
Gorging on Dim Sums can be easy. But making them, not so much. Attending this masterclass led us to having a new found respect for chefs who create Dim Sums on a day to day basis. Executive Chef Olivier Chaleil and Chef Ooi Chun Teong – the Dim Sum specialists at Hong Loong were kind enough to demonstrate to a handful of bloggers, how to perfect the art of Dim Sum making. The session was not just interactive, but informative and fun as well. Not to forget, the recipe cards that were provided to us were of a huge help since there was no need to memorize the recipe(yay!). Unlike most masterclasses we’ve attended, this one in particular stood out for the sole reason that the chefs wouldn’t give up until and unless we’ve perfected folding/pleating our dimsums. During our masterclass, we learned folding techniques and filling recipes for four types of dimsums;

– Steamed Chicken Dumplings.
– Poached Chicken and Shrimp Wanton.
– Steamed Chicken and Shrimp Siew Mai.
– Steamed Traditional Chicken Siew Mai.
Creating these dim sums were a task for many of us (most of us were first timers), however it got easier as the class progressed. The event was beautifully organized, the chefs were extremely attentive and kind and by the end of it, the Dim Sums tasted delicious (if we say so ourselves).
Location & Contact Details :
Sofitel The Palm Jumeirah
East Crescent Road
55558 – DUBAI

Email /
Tel :+971 4455 5656

Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value : 3.5/5

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