Restaurant Review – Bistro Des Arts

Located on Dubai Marina Mall’s promenade and offering beautiful views of the marina and its skyline, Bistro Des Arts exhibits not only a serene and tranquil atmosphere, but also authentic and rustic home cooked French dishes that transport you to a local bistro in Paris. It not very often that we discover Authentic French restaurants that don’t link themselves with heavy price tags.  When we do discover such restaurants however, we make sure to rave about them. And Bistro Des Arts is one such restaurant.
We started off with the Foie Gras (a WhereMyFoodAt favorite and a French delicacy made with the duck liver that is specially fattened). The homemade duck terrine was served with onion marmalade and toasty crispy bread. However, we would’ve preferred an alternative more delicate toasted bread. Loved the consistency and texture of the foie gras, creamy and paired well against the decadent savory note of the onions.
Next, we tried the Saint Marcelin which is a rich gooey French cheese made from unpasteurized cow’s milk in the small town of Saint-Marcelin of France. The soft cheese was served with crispy toasted bread which worked well together. Loved the simplicity of the dish, richness and the punch of flavor.
Dining at a French restaurant calls for feasting some of the best dishes French cuisine has to offer – like the classic Boeuf Bourguignon which is a well known traditional French recipe. The jus had a great depth of flavor, although we felt it needed a little more seasoning. The roasted veggies were beautifully cooked and the portion of beef used was generous. A very wholesome dish indeed.
Next we sampled the Vallee D’auge which is dish comprising of tender fillets of veal escalope cooked in a delicious comforting cheese sauce that was to die for! The addition of green beans were a perfect accompaniment and added much needed texture and lifted the dish.
The dessert menu at Bistro Des Arts was extensive, making it difficult for us to make our decision. Luckily for us our server suggested the Kouignette Framboise which is a unique dessert that we haven’t seen in Dubai before. It is a cross between a croissant and doughnut, and glazed in toffee. As we cut into it we were pleasantly surprised to see it stuffed with a raspberry compote and the flavors and textures were brilliant! Dish of the day without a doubt. The raspberry sorbet too was to die for.
Next we tried the Moelleux Toblerone which is a Toblerone based dessert (a first for us so we were very eager to try it!).  The chocolate base was more like a gooey brownie topped with pistachio ice cream. The taste was delicious but didn’t wow us.
We just had to grab ourselves another dessert, and it couldn’t be more perfect than a selection of crepes. Being huge fans flavors with caramel, peanuts and nutella, it wasnt hard to pick one! The ‘La Snickers’ was a delightful end to our meal! Loved the little dollops of cream, and how well it married together the flavors of the perfectly soft crepes!
The Bill:
Foie Gras – Dhs65
Saint Marcelin – Dhs55
Boeuf Bourguignon – Dhs115
Vallee D’auge – Dhs105
Kouignette Framboise – Dhs38
Moelleux Toblerone – Dhs45
La Snickers Crepe – Dhs29

Ambience – 4/5
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 3.5/5
Value – 3.5/5

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