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Our favorite go-to restaurant for Italian food has recently opened its doors at the newly renovated Dubai Festival City and we were more than excited to check it out. Staying true to its original ambience and decor, the get up of EATALY DFC is the exact same as the one in Dubai Mall, give or take a few minor changes. But what we were most pleased about, is the quality of food and services offered is not compromised and remains efficient.
The idea behind EATALY is to gather all high quality produce under one roof. In fact, you can trust EATALY the next time you want to go grocery shopping for fresh, true to its roots, Italian ingredients. We’ve always loved the concept of EATALY.. Who wouldn’t? You can shop, dine and learn – all under one roof. Also, it’s worth mentioning that when you dine at EATALY you can be rest assured that majority of the ingredients used are from EATALY itself, making EATALY one of the world’s fastest growing retail groups.
Dining at EATALY:
EATALY believes that the simplest meals can be the most memorable if made from the finest ingredients and cooked with love. By the time we were done with our #TastingDate, we knew exactly what they were talking about.
We started our meal with a generous serving of Pummarola E Burrata which is a started comprising of Burrata Cheese over warm and rich tomato sauce topped with fresh basil. It’s safe to say that this could probably be the best Burrata dish we’ve had for two reasons – the quality and taste of the Burrata which was exquisite & the contrast of temperature (hot tomato sauce against the cold Burrata) that tasted so right! We initially thought the serving was too huge to devour but somehow the dish magically disappeared.
We then moved on to our mains which include the Branzino Al Forno which is Oven Baked Seabass with Cherry Tomatoes, Taggiasche Olives, Capers and Sautéed Mixed Vegetables. A simple, delicate and healthy dish that was presented beautifully. The cherry tomatoes were sweet and the olives had a beautiful flavor to it, both of which complimented the fish very well.
We then moved on to the Pollo Arrosto which is Roasted Corn Fed Half Chicken marinated with Fresh Herbs and a side of Roasted Potatoes. This dish was a disappointment for the sole reason that the chicken was dry and over cooked. The roasted potatoes were soggy too; we were hoping for it to be a bit more crispy.

The Tortelli Al Pesto Liquido on the other hand which is Homemade Tortelli stuffed with Mascarpone Cheese and Pesto with Butter and Sage sauce on a bed of mashed potatoes topped with green beans and roasted pine nuts was absolutely delectable. The pasta is prepared in the kitchen itself and cooked perfectly al dente. The proportion of pasta to the filling was accurate too, making it such a pleasurable dish. The butter and sage sauce was light, simple and went perfectly well with the pasta. Additionally, we loved the textural element of the pine nuts as well.
Moving on the desserts, something EATALY is fondly known for, we started off with the Ciocco Sfoglia which is a rich and decadent dessert comprising Dark Chocolate coated Hazelnut and Caramel Custard topped with Edible Gold Leaf. This dessert is perfect for a chocoholic and is extremely rich, in a good way. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but to the palette as well. This dessert will go perfect with a strong cup of coffee.
We then sampled the Bigne Alla Vaniglia E Fragola which is a Baked Choux Pastry stuffed with sweetened fresh Strawberries and homemade Strawberry Mousse. The pastry was beautifully baked – very airy and light. The filling of strawberry mousse was generous too, however a bit too sweet.

The highlight of our dessert selection has to be the Goffre Con Nutella which is a Sweet Waffle made to order topped with Nutella and Berries. Simple as it sounds, the taste is absolutely addictive. The outer crust of the waffle was crispy and the inside was gooey. It’s pretty obvious that when you add Nutella to anything it enhances the taste of that dessert tenfold, which is precisely the case with this dessert.
Address & Contact Details:
EATALY Restaurant
First Floor Festival Square Waterfront View
Festival City
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 800 – 328259

The Bill:
Pummarola E Burrata – Dhs 75
Branzino Al Forno – Dhs 119
Pollo Arrosto – Dhs 75
The Tortelli Al Pesto Liquido – Dhs 56
Ciocco Sfoglia – Dhs 25
Bigne Alla Vaniglia E Fragola – Dhs 25
Goffre Con Nutella – Dhs 22
Extra topping of berries – Dhs 20

Ambience: 4/5
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3/5

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