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A Modern Indian Bistro based on an award winning concept in India finally opens its doors to the newly launched extension of City Walk Dubai, and we got the chance to dine there! Dining at Farzi Cafe was an experience like no other, an experience powered by unique and extraordinary flavors, textures and out of this world presentations, making it a sure thing for frequent visits.
Farzi Cafe was founded by Celebrity Chef Jiggs Kalra in India which gained widespread popularity for his unorthodox and modern cooking techniques of Indian cuisine. He is known as the “Prince of Indian Cuisine” and for good reason. Creating dishes with impeccable aesthetic appeal and adding flair and pizzazz to the simplest of dishes is what Chef Jiggs Kalra seems to excel at. Before we begin our review, its important for you to know that no amount of pictures or words will justify how extraordinary these dishes are, so you’ll just have to see it to believe it.
We started our culinary journey at Farzi in an amazing with an Amuse Bouche of Shots of yogurt and blueberry using spherification and presented over liquid nitrogen clouds! Talk about a dramatic first impression done right.
We then moved on to Tangy Chaat Puffs which is Inspired by the raj kachori (an Indian snack delicacy). We loved the innovative and mordern presentation. The stuffing of pumpkin and sweetens yogurt hidden inside the crispy flour shells along the crispy okra salad added a beautiful textures and flavors. Also, may we add that the chutney foam was genius!
Next on our table was the Chicken Shawarma Biryani. Definitely a unique take on the presentation of a biryani. We loved the giant skewer of tender chicken over the rice! Although we did find the biryani a bit too heavy handed with the amount of spice used, it tasted delicious nevertheless.
We then tried the Shepherds Pie which definitely was the Dish of the Day! As always with Farzi, the dish was beautifully presented on a moon shaped plate containing the deconstructed shepherd pie. We loved the delicately placed Wagyu beef over a smooth potato mash and glazed with a lip smacking jus. The crispy bits of beetroot wowed us too.
We were amazing with the concept of Dal Chawal Arincini. It reminded us of the classic Italian arricini rice balls with a Indian twist of using dal! The outer layer was super crispy and the filling was tender and flavorsome.
The Tempura Fried Prawns with Kumquat Chili Air and Tobanjan Tobiko was another stunning dish with beautifully cooked jumbo prawns glazed in a sticky spicy marinade (similar to dynamite shrimps you get at PF Changs). The chili air was a pleasant surprise and definitely had a decent kick of spice.
We then sampled the Pan Tossed Summer Vegetables in a Yellow Asian Curry ‘Khao Suey’. A traditional Burmese with a delicate Indian twist to it. The jasmine rice paired beautifully with the yellow curry that had similar flavors to that of an Indian korma, the addition of the various accompaniments worked well and gave the dish much needed texture and flavor.
A must try would have to be the Mutton Pepper Fry with Layered Flaky Paratha. The tender lamb morsels were cooked in a southern Indian inspired marinade, almost like a dry masala curry. It was well balanced in terms of spices and the paratha served as a perfect accompaniment.
We loved the presentation of the Deviled quail eggs that were intricately served In a floating bottle. The eggs were served with tender chicken ragu and spherified yogurt bites that just melt in your mouth!
For dessert, we had a Warm Semolina & Banana Syrup Cake. The flavors of this dessert was divine, the texture of the semolina cake was spot on without being too heavy or dense, the glaze of the banana syrup was perfectly sweet and thick (although we could’ve used a lot more, and could perhaps be served in a tiny jug). The cake is served with pistachio and saffron cream that added richness and an earthy flavor to the dessert.
We were amazed by the Rasamalai Tres Leches which needless to say, the presentation was on point. The dessert was layered beautifully with carrot cream that had fine chucks of carrot, and overall tasted very creamy, rich and delicious.
We were also served a Karak Chai Blosom – A drink that was second to none, a concoction of spices, berry Puree and Karak tea which tasted divine to say the least.
The Bill:
Chaat Puffs – Dhs24
Chicken Shawarma Biryani – Dhs45
Shepherds Pie – Dhs57
Dal Chawal Arincini- Dhs27
Tempura Fried Prawns – Dhs42
Khao Suey – Dhs41
Mutton Pepper Fry – Dhs50
Deviled Quail Eggs – Dhs45
Semolina & Banana Syrup Cake – Dhs31
Rasamalai Tres Leches – Dhs33

Ambience – 4/5
Service – 4/5
Value – 4/5
Food – 4.5/5

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