Restaurant Review – Operation Falafel

If you want to discover the best Falafel available in Dubai, head down over to Operation Falafel and be amazed! A couple of weeks ago on a windy Friday we happened to stroll along the streets of Jumeirah Beach Residence and eventually ended up at The Beach Mall. It was pretty early in the morning (9am is considered early for us being a Friday) and we notices most of the restaurants empty; most but one. We noticed an eatery that seemed to be buzzing to such an extent, there were people waiting to be seated. Of course, we had to try this place.
For those of you who do not know what a falafel is, it is a deep fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas. It is a traditional Middle Eastern food that is commonly eaten as a snack. It is essentially supposed to be deep fried, but nowadays you get them oven baked as well. In Dubai alone, there are numerous restaurants that create falafels in their kitchen. However, very few of them have mastered the art of making falafel. According to us, Operation Falafel has mastered the art perfectly!

The Food:
Breakfasts are meant to be heavy which is why we went ahead with ordering seven dishes that could ideally feed four (or two very hungry WhereMyFoodAt founders). Our feast included:
Fattet Hummus which is a dip comprising hummus, bread mix with tatbelah sauce topped with chickpeas, pine seeds and parsley. This creamy, pine nutty concoction is typically served during breakfast and tasted absolutely delicious with pita bread. Although it may seem heavy, it isn’t so. We also went for the option of adding meat to this dish, and trust us when we say – it tastes so much better!
Operation Falafel Salad filled with chopped up falafel, tomato, cucumber, feta cheese, mixed lettuce, red onions, olives and served with a special Tahini sauce. The sauce which is a condiment made from toasted ground hulled sesame seeds, with a consistency similar to peanut butter was generously poured over the salad and complimented the greens and falafel perfectly.
Chicken Wrap which is a sandwich (more like a wrap) filled with chicken shawarma, garlic and pickles. It tasted pretty ordinary; however it was big in size. Considering the fact that we’ve lived in Dubai devouring shawarmas all our lives, our palates are pretty skeptical when it comes to the quest for the perfect shawarma.
Falafel Platter which is a platter comprising of eight pieces of falafel, tomato, cucumber, olives, pickles, tahini and served with homemade fresh bread was one of the best dishes we’ve had at operation falafel. It’s a bold statement to make, but we honestly feel the falafel is one of the best in Dubai. It’s perfectly crisp, not too greasy and tasted extremely flavorful and light. (Drench your falafel in tahini to enhance the flavor)
Zaatar and Cheese Manaeesh which is a popular Levantine delicacy comprising of dough topped with zaatar(a type of herb) and cheese was again not one of the best dishes (or manaeeshes) we’ve had. We hoped for the dough to be a bit thinner and softer.
Classic Ijjeh Omelet with eggs, onion and parsley served with a plate of vegetables and homemade bread. Also known as an “Arab Omelet” or an “Egyptian Omelet” , this dish tastes similar to a regular omelet, except with more spices. The omelet was fluffy and tasted perfect with Alayet Banadoura (below).
Alayat Banadoura which is basically a gravy of fried tomatoes with pine seeds and olive oil served with bread was one of the most flavorful dishes we’ve had. You can also have an option of adding meat to this dish, which we did and it added more flavor. The sweetness of the tomato went perfectly well with the omelet too.

Address & Contact Details:
Operation Falafel
The Beach, Jumeriah Beach Residence
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-4243098 or 600530006

The Bill:
Fattet Hummus – Dhs 22
Operation Falafel Salad – Dhs 29
Chicken Wrap – Dhs 28
Falafel Platter – Dhs 19
Zaatar and Cheese Manaeesh – Dhs 15
Classic Ijjeh Omelet – Dhs 20
Alayat Banadoura – Dhs 19

Ambience: 2.5/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value: 4.5/5

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