Restaurant Review – Sapori Di Bice

At the corner of CityWalk Dubai we happened to have a rather wholesome and hearty Italian feast at one of our favorite casual Italian eateries called Sapori Di Bice.
The legacy of BICE restaurants began in 1926 in Milan under the vision of Beatrice Ruggeri, fondly known as Bice who spread her Bice legacy of delectable Tuscan inspired cuisine and extraordinary hospitality, worldwide.
The award winning Sapori Di Bice is hands down the most beautiful restaurant in Citywalk, and takes our breath away everytime we step into it. From the beautiful Olive Trees inside the restaurant, to the large glass doors that bring natural light in to their subtle white hues, Sapori Di Bice is an innovative casual chic family dining spot.
We began with a bottle of Donelli Rosso which is a Non Alcoholic Italian sparkling grape juice obtained from a blend of premium quality Sangioves and Lambrusco Grapes and a bottle of Donelli Rose which is a Non Alcoholic Italian Sparkling Grape Juice obtained from a blend of selected premium quality Italian Grapes which is a slightly sweeter drink. Delicious and refreshing!
Before our appetizers, we were presented with a serving of Cestino Del Pana Biologico which is a homemade organic bread basket served with olive oil, goat cheese, olive pate and cherry tomatoes. The bread was freshly baked in house and melted in our mouths. Don’t stuff yourself though, since Italian food can be quiet heavy.
Our first appetizer was Classic Italian rice “Arancini” served with spicy tomato sauce. We’ve had Arancini from quiet a few Italian restaurants before, however these were the best so far. The rice was mushy and the crust was cooked to golden perfection. The tomato sauce balances the heaviness too.
Next, we tried the Burrata E Bresaola which is Creamy Burrata Cheese served with Bresaola, Cherry Tomatoes, Rucola and Balsamic Dressing. Being one of our favorite cheeses, its hard not to love a burrata dish. Loved the presentation and quality of burrata used and the dressing elevated the flavor perfectly.
The best of all our appetizers however was the Melanzane “Parmigiana” Baked Eggplants with layers of mozzarella in tomato and light basil sauce. Constructed in layers (just like a lasagne) this dish reminded us of a Moussaka. The eggplant was perfectly cooked and packed with flavor. Each component of this dish complemented each other perfectly, and added a beautifully soft texture as well.
We also tried the Insalata Di Lenticchie E Mela which is an Organic Lentil salad, with Green Apples, Red Onions, Spring Onions and Cherry Tomatoes in lime and coriander dressing. The salad was fresh, light and simple and the lentils were cooked perfectly al dente.
For mains we had the Filetto Di Manzo which is char grilled 250 grams Black Angus Beef Tenderloin served with Rosemary Roasted Potatoes. The steak was cooked medium rare which was perfect and the flavors tasted fairly okay. The dish didn’t stand out on its own like the pasta dishes, so we’d recommend you giving this one a pass.
The Pappardelle “Al Telefono” on the other hand, which is Homemade pappardelle, tossed with tomato, fresh basil and a touch of cream topped with fresh Mozzarella definitely stood out for us. The pasta is freshly prepared in their kitchens and the tastes make it very evident. The sauce was subtle and didn’t overpower the pasta.
We enjoyed the Classica Lasagna “Emiliana” baked with béchamel sauce, meat ragu and parmesan cheese. Loved how the pasta sheets were al dente, the meat perfectly seasoned and spiced, and the layering was perfectly proportionate. Bonus points for not being heavy handed with the cheese like most lasagnes.
Next, we had the Spaghetti Biologici Alla  Tartufara Del Metauro which is organic spaghetti with fresh asparagus in carbonara and truffle sauce. The truffle sauce wasn’t too strong, which we loved and the asparagus added a nice crunch. The carbonara sauce too wasn’t too rich and seasoned well.
The Capricciosa Pizza topped with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, mushroom, artichoke, turkey ham and black olives was a hit and miss. We’ve had better pizza elsewhere, so we wouldn’t recommend it to you.
For desserts, we started off with Cioccolatissimo which is a warm chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream. Chocolate fondant are pretty tough to get right, however Sapori Di Bice did it beautifully. The fondant was a bit rich since dark chocolate was used, but it can be balanced with the ice cream.
The Assolutamente Pistacchio which is Pistachio sponge, pistachio cream covered with slivered pistachio and served with pistachio ice cream was one of the best cakes we’ve had. We loved the rich earthy pisatachio flavor in the cake and cream that was absolutely rich and delicious. To top it off, the pistachio icecream added a beautiful nuttiness to the dessert, making it faultless.
If you like your desserts to be a bit tart, then the Caprese Al Limone which is flourless lemon spongy cake with extra virgin olive oil and served with lemon sorbet is definitely for you. Not too heavy as compared to other desserts and not too sweet as well. Plus, the lemon sorbet is absolutely refreshing.
The Bill:
Donelli Rosso – Dhs48 (Bottle)
Cestino Del Pana Biologico – Dhs18
Arancini – Dhs46
Burrata E Bresaola – Dhs54
Melanzane “Parmigiana” Baked Eggplant – Dhs48
Insalata Di Lenticchie E Mela – Dhs46
Filetto Di Manzo – Dhs127
Pappardelle “Al Telefono” – Dhs62
Classica Lasagna “Emiliana” – Dhs68
Spaghetti Biologici Alla  Tartufara Del Metauro – Dhs64
Capricciosa Pizza – Dhs67
Cioccolatissimo – Dhs32
Assolutamente Pistacchio – Dhs32
Caprese Al Limone – Dhs32

Ambience – 4/5
Food – 4/5
Service – 4.5/5
Value – 3.5/5

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