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It is safe to say, that our hunt for not only the best Indian Restaurant in Dubai, but also the best Fine Dining experience in our WhereMyFoodAt journey ends here, at Tresind (“Très” which is French for “very” and “Ind” which is an abbreviation for India).
A few weeks ago, we were taken on a gastronomical adventure like no other. An adventure where each dish surpassed the other it terms of creativity and flavor, and left us gobsmacked by the end of it.
Executive Chef Himanshu Saini brings a unique concept in Molecular Gastronomy to Dubai and beautifully marries progressive fine dining approach with traditional Indian cuisine. Tresind claims to provide a Modernist Indian Fine Dining experience, and rightly so. By the end of this review, you will be able to see why.
Luckily for us, we were given a culinary tour of some of the best dishes Tresind has to offer that excels in presentation, taste and flavor leaving us with a new found respect for Indian Fine Dining.
We began our lunch with a live preparation of Deconstructed Pani Puri which is a type of Street Food in India that is loved by many. At Tresind however, they didn’t present it traditionally. Instead, they were served as an Amuse Bouche where the Pudina Pani or mint flavored water (usually consumed in liquid state) was turned into jelly (spherification) within seconds at our table. Tresind sure knows how to create a good first impression!
Next on our table was yet another Live Preparation of a drink from “The Science Lab” section of the Drinks Menu. Each drink from this section serves two people and aren’t created or made to seem like ordinary mocktails/cocktails. For instance, our first drink was the Lava Lamp which was a drink with a touch of chemistry. The drink resembles a large Lava Lamp with flavors of different fruits. We chose the Passion Fruit Lamp which comprised of mango juice, passion fruit, red cherries and strawberries that tasted absolutely delicious and refreshing.
Tresind is fondly known for its “Modernist Chaat Trolley”, which is a dish we can guarantee you’ll find nowhere in Dubai. Watching how this dish was prepared at the table was extremely entertaining and informative. Our served started off by freezing “Dhokla” which is a Indian vegetarian snack from Gujarat made with rice and split chickpeas, in nitrogen oxide with a temperature of about – 190 degree celsius. While the dhokla is freezing, our server starts preparing the dish using Imli Chutney which is a sweet tamarind chutney, sweet curd, mint chutney, spices which are converted into a gel and Papdi (a crispy fried Indian snack). The dhokla which is now in a solid state, is then broken into pieces on the trolley. The dhokla is rehydrated and the entire dish is garnished with fresh berries and blend of spices which is added based on your spice preference. The taste by the end of it was exquisite, and left us wanting more.
Our next dish was the Wild Mushroom Chai with Dehydrated Mushrooms and Truffle Milk Powder. This soup was served in a tea pot with tea
cups and created to give you the impression of drinking tea. First, the dehydrated mushrooms are added into the tea cups, and then Truffle Oil which is converted into powder is added to give the effect of Milk Powder. Finally, the Mushroom “chai” is poured into the cups and stirred. The flavor of mushroom and truffles was highly aromatic and to an extent, therapeutic too. Loved the clear consistency of the soup and the earthy flavor brought about by the mushrooms.
Another pleasurable dish which was beautifully presented was the Chili Hoisin Duck Khurchan with Roomali Roti Pancakes. The duck was cooked perfectly and spice and flavors were spot on. We loved the play on the pancakes by converting them into mini roomali rotis! Gave a very clever Indian touch to the dish.
It was not long before our second drink was brought to our table from the “Science Lab” menu. Aptly named, the “Storage” is a delicious tangy drink that is presented mysteriously in a Storage Box. If you love your drinks sweet, you will definitely love the Storage.
Our next dish, and probably the best of them all was the Pan Seared Tenderloin Wagyu Steak with Molcajete Chimichurri Chutney and Rosemary Perfume. Tresind surely knows how to keep their guests entertained, and at this point, we weren’t surprised when a huge mortar and pestle was brought to our table to prepare our chutney. The chutney itself was rich in flavor as it had a strong taste of coriander. However the star of the dish was the Wagyu itself that melted in our mouths as we bit into it. Make sure to completely drench the meat into the chutney for ultimate satisfaction of your tastebuds.
Before the mains were brought to out table, we were presented with Palette Cleansers of Khandvi (A Gujrati savory snack made with gram flour) Sorbet and Lemon Mint Sorbet.
The most artistic looking dish at our table definitely had to be the Tandoori Tiger Prawn with Amritsari Softshell Crab and Pickled Hollandaise. The seafood was fresh, the prawn was ginormous in size and marinated beautifully. The softshell crab too was crisp and added a nice texture to the dish. The pickled hollandaise and lime jelly did a lot for the presentation and flavor of the dish.
The presentation of the Hunters Lamb Leg “Raan” was not only unique but had meaning to it too. The mini table lamp and the axe symbolized a traditional butcher shop in India. As for the lamb itself, the flavors were spot on, however the meat was slightly overcooked.
Our final dish among the savory dishes was the John Dory En Papillote with Mustard Gravy and Masala Bhat fondly known as “Machher Jhol”.
Machher Jhol is a traditional Bengali Style fish gravy that is presented with a Modernist twist at Tresind. The gravy had a strong pungent flavor of mustard that complemented the perfectly flaky fish well. It tasted absolutely wholesome and comforting.
For dessert, we started off with Daulat Ki Chaat with Sohn Papdi Crumble and 24 carat Gold Dust. Daulat Ki Chaat, as it is called in Delhi, goes by many names in the north of India and is considered a “rich dessert” (monetary wise). Although this dessert is made with heavy cream, milk, saffron and nuts, the dessert is super light (almost like a soufflé) and can be enjoyed even after a heavy meal. The Sohn Papdi which is a North Indian flaky dessert adds a beautiful texture. Plus, you can count on the gold dust to add “royalty” to this dessert.
Ultimately though, what stood out for us in terms of dessert was the Deconstructed Black Forest Cake that was (obviously) prepared at our table. An Indianized version of the Black Forest, this dessert is prepared layering cake crumbs, chocolate sponge and Doda barfi (a Punjabi milk fudge sweet), which is then topped with caramel sauce. Then, cream and sour cream is added into nitrogen oxide to solidify it and placed over the rest of the ingredients. It is then topped with hot chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings, fresh cranberries, cocoa powder, more caramel sauce and garnished with solidified cream. Absolutely genius, innovative and not to forget, addictively deliciously.
The Bill:
Deconstructed Pani Puri – Dhs
“Lava Lamp” – Dhs75
Modernist Chaat Trolley – Dhs150
Wild Mushroom Chai – Dhs95
Chili Hoisin Duck Khurchan – Dhs150
“Storage” – Dhs75
Pan Seared Tenderloin Wagyu Steak – Dhs250
Tandoori Tiger Prawn with Amritsari Softshell Crab and Pickled Hollandaise – Dhs145
Hunters Lamb Leg “Raan” – Dhs225
John Dory En Papillote with Mustard Gravy and Masala Bhat – Dhs165
Daulat Ki Chaat – Dhs120
Deconstructed Black Forest Cake – Dhs160

Ambience – 3.5/5
Service – 4/5
Food – 4.5/5
Value – 4/5

4 - New

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