Masterclass – Vogue Café

About Vogue Café :

Vogue Café located at The Dubai Mall is a chic eatery located at the largest luxury shoe store in the world – Level Shoe District. The café offers the best of international cuisine, with carefully handcrafted recipes using only the best ingredients. Staying true to the stylist and sophisticated aura protruded by Vogue, the Café reflects the same in its ambiance – very chic, classy and glamorous. The dishes as well are delicately plated and glamorously presented, ultimately giving you a fashionable dining experience.

About Chef Gary Robinson:

Chef Gary Robinson, like any other masterchef extraordinaire, literally started from the bottom before he became one of the most renowned chefs in the history of cooking. He started off his career sweeping floors and peeling potatoes in a tiny restaurant in Scotland, and his journey since then has been a remarkable one. His talent was brought light to when a member of Prince Charles’ staff had been a mystery diner at Chef Robinson’s restaurant and recommended him for the post of Personal Chef for the royal family! Ever since, his culinary journey has been a upward rollercoaster that keeps pushing him to greater and greater heights.
Our Masterclass:
Before we began our masterclass at Vogue Café, we started off with coffee and drinks and then whisked away through the (believe it or not) hidden service isles of Dubai mall that lead up to the Vogue Cafe Kitchen! The kitchen is located right below the cafe and as the food is prepared it’s sent up using a dumb waiter/lift.
At the kitchen, we were introduced to the amazingly talented and charming Chef Gary Robinson who welcomed our small group of bloggers. We were then split into three teams cooking up a course each (starter, main and dessert).
Luckily for us, we were in Team Three – The Dream Team and got to try our hand at Dessert. We were then introduced to the Head Pastry Chef who went through the ingredients with us and assisted us as prepared our mouthwatering (if we say so ourselves) Chocolate Fondants.

The preparation process was quick and before we knew it, our mixtures were precisely measured, filled into ramekins and popped into the oven. When it came to the plating up, the demonstration was done effortlessly by the Head Chef. However when it came our turn, the plating was unfortunately nowhere close. Clearly, we’re better off eating than cooking.

After completing our plate up and presenting all the courses prepared by the other two teams, we were then ushered away back to the cafe (with chef Gary of course) where we then treated not only to pleasant conversations but also a delightful and scrumptious meal prepared by the super talented team back in the Vogue Cafe kitchen.

Our Dinner:
We started off with a whole range of starters,
Portobello mushroom cubes coated with Parmesan, Panko, Truffle oil herbs and pesto mayo. Loved the flavor of the truffle which was perfectly balanced and did not overpower flavor of the mushroom.
Crispy Tempura Battered Prawns with sweet chili mayo and coconut sauce with fresh coriander. The prawns were perfectly cooked and paired well with sauce, but we were left feeling a little underwhelmed with the simplicity of this one and felt the dish needed something more to lift it.
– Rich and creamy Burrata served with plum tomato, fresh basil, basil oil, and a homemade balsamic reduction. We love burrata and this dish was nothing less than perfect. The balsamic glaze was a perfect accompaniment; In fact, we couldn’t fault it one bit.
From the options of Mains we were presented, we chose,
– The Chicken Duxelle which is a chicken breast stuffed with Duxelle mushrooms and mozzarella cheese served with quinoa and lemon butter sauce. The chicken was tender and moist, the mushroom Duxelle added bags of flavor and the lemon butter was to die for! (Although fair warning: it’s got a lot of butter but we certainly didn’t mind it).
For Desserts we were again treated to a variety of them,
– We started off with a perfect rendition of the Chocolate Fondant we had cooked up earlier, beautifully gooey rich and bitter (considering its 60% dark chocolate). The passion fruit and raspberry jelly added a bit of tartness that helped cut through all that richness from the chocolate as well.
– Next, we had the Panna Cotta which was art on a plate. Adorned with a beautifully tempered chocolate, the vanilla panna cotta was smooth and delicious. Although it was a little dense, it was nevertheless delightful and combined amazingly with the almond crumble.
Address & Contact Details:
Vogue Cafe
Ground Floor
Inside Level Shoe District
Dubai Mall
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-5016810

The Bill:

Portobello – Dhs 38
Prawn Tempura – Dhs 45
Italian Burrata – Dhs 75
Chicken Duxelle – Dhs 82
Chocolate Fondant – Dhs 45
Panna Cotta – Dhs 40


Ambiance : 3.5/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3.5/5

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