Restaurant Review – BouBouffee

About Boubouffe:
Finally a Lebanese restaurant that’s not just all about the food and not giving much thought to the ambiance. Boubouffe is an international franchise that recently opened its doors in Dubai and is somehow managing to set itself apart from the rest with its quirky and unique set up.
Our Meal:
The options available in the menu are diverse with daily specials and a lot of Lebanese delicacies.
– The spread we ordered included Hummus with Meat and Pines which taste delicious with Arabic Bread. The meat is tender, has a bit of a crunch and complements the taste and texture of the hummus perfectly.
– We also tried the Fattouch which is a Levantine bread salad . The salad was fresh and refreshing however it wasn’t the best Fattouch we’ve had since the dressing was a bit of a letdown.
– A well received dish at our table was the  Soujouk which is a spicy sausage of Turkish origin served in a clay pot. The dish not only looked appetizing but tasted delicious as well. The sausage was moist, filled with flavor and the sauce went perfectly well with it.
– We also ordered Spiced Potatoes that weren’t as crisp as we’d want it to be, but it was seasoned perfectly and went deliciously well with the Soujouk.
–  A platter of  Mixed Grill is a must at any Lebanese/Levantine restaurant we’ve been to. The Mixed Grill at Boubouffe disappointed us in terms of portion size, however the flavor and tenderness of the meats were spot on. Left us salivating and wanted more.
– Our server also recommended us to try the Meat Shawarma which is an open faced meat sandwich. We loved this dish! The meat was absolutely tender and the sandwich was generously filled. We highly recommend trying it with a bit of garlic sauce to lift the flavors of the dish.
– For dessert, we tried the Achtalieh Boubouffe which is a cream pudding (it comes from Achta which is a Arabic word for cream). The pudding was simple, light, delicious and had a unique tinge of rose water that elevated the flavor of the dessert.
– We also had the Chocolate Mousse that looked delicious but didn’t quite meet the mark for us in terms of taste. We liked the orange essence added to the dessert but that’s about it; would definitely chose the Achtalieh over this dessert.
Address & Contact Details:

Near Shangri La Hotel
Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-3943196

The Bill:

Hummus with Meat and Pines – Dhs 34
Fattouch – Dhs 26
Soujouk – Dhs 32
Spiced Potato – Dhs 25
Mixed Grill – Dhs 69
Meat Shawarma –  Dhs 48
Achtalieh Boubouffe – Dhs 26
Chocolate Mousse – Dhs 26


Ambiance: 3/5
Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Value: 3/5

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