Restaurant Review – Brunswick Sports Club

About Brunswick:
It was about time for Tom & Serg to launch a licensed pub in Dubai, and they did just that! The announcement of Brunswick’s launch had created an obvious hype around Dubai and luckily for us, we got to see what the hype is all about.
We are religious customers of all three cafes brought to us by Tom & Serg over the last few years, and with us there are many more that are eager to see what their latest venture into the nightlife market will have in store for us. Brunswick Sports Club is inspired by a Melbournian neighborhood bar that is slowly but surely outshining the rest of the sports clubs in the city.
First Impressions:
Being true to the calm and laid back vibe protruded in the previews cafes, Brunswick too resembles the same. With minimalistic decor, wooden hues and light bulbs and creeper plants adorning the ceiling, Brunswick is definitely one of the most casual, relaxed and rustic pubs we’ve been to in a while.
The Food:
Don’t judge us for being more enthusiastic about indulging in the food rather than the drinks; we are wheremyFOODat after all. We’ve been anxiously waiting to sample Brunswick food, and to decide for ourselves if the food served is on par with the rest of the joints from the franchise.
From the “Beer Snacks” section of the menu, we couldn’t seem to get our eyes of the Crispy Chicken Crackling, and hurriedly ordered that. As the name suggests, it’s a bowl full of beautifully crispy fried chicken skin served with a delicious spiced vinegar that’s perfect for a snack or an accompaniment with your drink (preferably beer!)
We then went ahead and ordered the Cheesy Mac Bites that were spectacular to say the least. These were perfectly golden cubes of deep fried mac and cheese which was gooey and perfectly cooked as you bit into it. Highly recommend trying it with a dash of Siracha sauce!
Brunswick raves about their burgers, so we obviously couldn’t leave without trying it. The Mac Daddy tasted as sinful as it looks. The pulled beef brisket was beautifully cooked and melted in our mouths. It also combined beautifully with the Mac and cheese. We were surprised to find a beef patty in the burger and felt the burger could do without it. Also, the beef patty was unfortunately overcooked.
Among the selection of hotdogs, the “Filthy Dawg” got us intrigued. After tasting it though, this hotdog was an absolute stunner! The pulled BBQ braised brisket topped over a juicy beef hotdog and dressed with a delicious jalapeño cheese and crispy shallots is what dreams are made of!
It may seem like we’ve indulged in a lot of meat already, but honestly no one can skip “BBQ Braised Beef Short Ribs” when it’s mentioned in the menu. Loved the presentation of this dish. The slaw was crunchy and one of the best slaws we’ve had and the addition of crispy shallots and sesame was absolutely wow! The ribs had an amazing flavor but we felt it was a little tough and could’ve been braised for a little longer.
Finally for desserts we had “The Sundae” which comprised of silky smooth peanut and pretzel Ice cream served with a banana custard doughnut filled with Passionfruit jam and drizzled with hot fudge sauce. The flavors were definitely there but unfortunately it wasn’t presented well (a bit too simple).
Address & Contact Details:
Level 2
Sheraton Dubai
Mall of the Emirates
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 056-4040685

The Bill:

Crispy Chicken Crackling – Dhs15
Cheesy Mac Bites – Dhs35
The Mac Daddy – Dhs75
The Filthy Dawg – Dhs60
BBQ Braised Beef Short Rib – Dhs115
The Sundae – Dhs45


Ambiance: 2.5/5
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 35/5
Value: 3.5/5

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