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One of our main highlights while staying at the Sheraton Grand Hotel was the fact that we got to dine at one of the most talked about restaurants in town; not just once but twice!
World of Flavors at Feast:
During our time at Feast, we were humbled by the presence of the newly appointed Chef De Cuisine of the restaurant – Chef Raymond Wong. Inspired by his international background and vivid interest in different cultures from about the globe, Chef Wong has introduced a variety of some of the most extraordinary dishes we’ve had. He was kind enough to take some time off his busy schedule to show us around the restaurant, elaborating the intricacy of the menu and dishes he’s created which added to an enjoyable dining experience. We were lucky enough to have dined twice at Feast – Mussel Mania (Simply Seafood Thursdays) & the remarkable Feast Brunch which is without a doubt THE BEST brunch you’ll find in Dubai. No matter what the theme might be, we are absolutely certain that your experience at Feast will leave you amazed and wanting more!
Promotions and Theme Nights:
As we mentioned earlier, we got to experience three promotions/themes – Mussel Mania, Simply Seafood Thursdays and Feast Friday Brunch. Below is a gist of how it all went down:
Mussel Mania:
This is a promotion you most definitely can’t miss! Available only on Thursdays for just Dhs 79, you can indulge in fresh and perfectly cooked Irish Black Shell Mussels steamed in a selection of broth based on your preference with unlimited fries and one free brew or a glass of grape. Since we like our seafood with spice, the waiter recommended a spicy and aromatic Thai  broth than was so flavorful; almost therapeutic. We had an option of Truffle Fries or Cajun Fries and since fries are unlimited, we opted for both (Ha!). For such a reasonable price, there’s no doubt we’re coming back for the Mussel Mania promotion. It’s perfect for an intimate date or a fun night with the ladies/lads!
Simply Seafood Thursdays:
The world is literally your oyster on Thursdays if you plan on dining at Feast. The entire restaurant is converted into a seafood extravaganza serving some of the most freshest and innovative seafood dishes we’ve ever had.
The produce for Simply Seafood Thursdays is usually fished out by Chef Raymond and his team as they head out to the Deira Fish Market in the morning. The Seafood is then beautifully cooked and displayed, inspired by different parts of the world and each dish being unique from the other.
For instance, the classic British Seafood Chowder is filled with generous chunks of fresh seafood, cooked in a flavorful broth and tastes absolutely wholesome and comforting.
DSC_0056 We also loved the beautiful display of fresh oysters that were shucked to order (the Kelly Galway Oysters being our favorite).
Of course, who doesn’t love a display of some of the freshest Prawns, Lobster, Sea Bass, Salmon and the likes cooked to order and served with a variety of condiments. Don’t forget to try the Grilled Lobster, it was to die for!
Feast Friday Brunch:
Nothing could’ve prepared us for the jaw dropping experience we’ve had at Feast during the Friday Brunch. We were literally taken on a culinary tour of the world, sampling dishes that did not just taste spectacular, but were presented phenomenally too. We’ve lived in Dubai all our lives and have had our fair share of brunches; nothing compares to this. It’s not just your usual live cooking stations and different counters with different cuisines, but so much more. We’re talking Edible Martini Selections with a combinations of flavors and ingredients that one couldn’t fathom possible.
Another element that blew our minds was the Lamb 26 showcasing Lamb in three ways and 23 garnishes or condiments designed to eat solely with the lamb or to be mixed and create your own combinations. That’s right, 23! We aren’t going to even bother listing them down, since we feel that there’s an element of surprise that shouldn’t be ruined.
Being avid lovers of beef, the traditional Beef Wellington that was golden and beautifully baked , served with gravy and Yorkshire pudding tasted juicy, tender and rich. Of course, it’s nowhere close to the one available at Gordon Ramsay’s Breadstreet Kitchen, but it was nevertheless delicious. The Malaysian classic of Wagyu Beef Rendang did manage to tick all the boxes for us. Served traditionally with paratha, this dish was packed with flavor and the beef was falling apart and absolutely tender.
Another point worth mentioning is the bread selection with a huge display of fresh and traditionally baked bread from the Sheraton Bakery. We’re not sure what the exact name of the bread is – but we loved the one with bacon bits in it. Delicious!
What got us really excited about the Sheraton Feast Brunch was the Rainbow Buns filled with oreo infused butter cream and chunks of oreo in it. It tasted as sinful as it looked. We also got to feast our eyes and palettes on a very popular trend that has created a major hype all over the world, and is now taking over the Feast Kitchen as well. We are of course talking about the “Freakshakes” that are available in three flavors – mango, chocolate and berries. You can kiss your diet goodbye with this drink!
Apart from the different counters located at the restaurant, there are also dishes and nibbles that are brought to your table fresh out of the kitchen, and personally presented to you by the chefs.
Address & Contact Details:
Sheraton Grand Hotel
Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, UAE
Tel :- 04-5034444

Mussel Mania – (all inclusive) Dhs 79
Simply Seafood Thursdays – (food only) Dhs 210 & (beverage pairing) Dhs 310
Friday Brunch – (with soft drinks) Dhs 325, (with house beverages) Dhs 425, (with Moet & Chandon) Dhs 595

Food: 4.5/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5

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