Restaurant Review – Logma

About Logma:
There are few restaurants that can proudly boast serving the essence of true Emirati cuisine in Dubai. We as Food Bloggers are always on the quest to taste the beauty of that cuisine without having to travel miles away into rustic parts of the UAE to satisfy our taste buds. Logma is one such restaurant that helps you savor the Emirate’s delicious culinary treasures in a very casual, rustic yet quirky ambiance, ultimately reviving the culture of the Emirate.

Our Meal:
With the assistance of our friendly server who helped in picking out the dishes for us, we tried some of the best and signature dishes at Logma mentioned below :

Logma Fries – These fried were beautifully crisp and served generously. We loved the “khaleeji” spice that gave it a lot of flavor, although we would have preferred some sort of sauce or mayo to give it an alternate dimension.

Khaleeji Wings – Another lip smacking and delicious starter that comprised of perfectly cooked tender chicken that falls of the bone. We particularly loved the Spice Mix the chicken skin was seasoned with, and also the big punch of garlic that elevated the flavor of the wings.

Pomegranate Mozzarella – This dish was beautifully dressed with “Logma” dressing and fresh Pomegranate, making it taste very fresh and light. Although, we would’ve preferred Burrata instead of Mozzarella.

Beef Khameer Sandwich – This sandwich was filled with tender beef generously stuffed in a Khameer bun with Tomatoes, Pepper Marmalade, Baby Greens, Cheddar Cheese and Sun Dried Tomatoes. The flavors of each ingredient somehow managed to work together perfectly, making it a very simple yet delicious sandwich.

–  Machbous Chicken – This is a traditional dish with chicken marinated in their famous blend of Khaleeji spices cooked with yellow rice and served with Raita. The rice was slightly overcooked but the flavors were definitely there and the portion was massive too. A must try!

– Lugaimat – For dessert we tried the traditional Emirati style fried dumplings served with a gorgeous date syrup and (a crowd pleasing choice of) Nutella. The dumplings on their own were soft, airy and delicious. However, it’s the date syrup and Nutella that makes this dessert heavenly!

Chebab Katayef – Finally, we tried a crispy fried Emirati style pancake stuffed with mascarpone cheese and dates.As you cut into the crisp pastry, this amazingly rich almost gooey cheese oozes out that’s absolutely delicious with the saffron cardamom syrup.

Location & Contact Details:
Logma Dubai
Al Wasl Road
Tel: +971 800 56462

The Bill:
Logma Fries – Dhs28
Khaleeji Wings – Dhs38
Pomegranate Mozzarella – Dhs49
Beef Khameer Sandwich – Dhs38
Machbous Chicken – Dhs57
Lugaimat – Dhs34
Chebab Katayef – Dhs42


Ambiance: 3/5
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value: 3.5/5

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