Restaurant Review – Satine

About Satine:
Satine Restaurant & Lounge that was first introduced by Nikki Beach in Miami, is a newly opened Fine Dining restaurant that’s located at the latest hotspot in town – Nikki Beach Club Dubai. Inspired by the hit movie “Moulin Rouge” , Satine seems to have pulled out all the stops in magnifying the beauty of this restaurant. The two things we loved most about Satine as we walked through the doors was the large communal table and the calming view of the sea – Bliss!
Taste of Satine:
The “Taste of Satine” experience is perfect if you’re looking for a relaxing, affordable (and probably romantic) weekday night out. For only 220 Dirhams per person, this promotion lets you indulge in a delectable and refined three course meal which includes a choice from some of the most popular dishes available at Satine.
We had a diverse selection of seven started to chose from, and with kind assistance from our server, we opted for the Satine Salad which comprises of a beautiful selection of Crispy and Confit Farm Vegetables with Oregano Tomato Croute and Roasted Walnut Dressing. This salad was hands down the most gorgeous salad we’ve ever laid eyes on. Not only was the salad beautifully constructed but the components were well thought out too. They complemented each other in terms of flavor and texture and the crunch from the Tomato Croute took this salad to a whole other level. We also opted for the “Crab ” which is a cold appetizer of Handpicked Crab Meat with Guacamole and Antica Roma Tomatoes. Visually, it’s probably not as appealing as the Satine Salad. However when it came to technique and texture, this dish was far superior. The layer of tomato jelly at the bottom was a pleasant surprise and something we’ve never indulged in before. The jelly blended well with the guacamole and crab thus contributing to an interesting concoction of flavors in our palettes.
We had a selection of seven main courses to chose from, split into three sections – seafood, meats and gnocci. We were intrigued by the Ebony & Ivory Cod and hence opted for it. The cod was served with Brandade (an emulsion of salt cod and olive oil with potatoes), Black Ink Chips and infused Truffle Foam. The cod was perfectly cooked and seasoned, however the black ink chip didn’t contribute much to the flavor of the cod. The foam had a strong hint of truffle (which we loved) and enhanced the flavor of the brandade and cod.  We also opted for the Lamb Rump with Roasted Cumin Scented Carrot and Confit Dried Grapes glazed in UAE Honey. The highlight of this dish was the lamb that was cooked well and tasted absolutely tender, however the flavors of this dish were a bit too sweet and off balance. We also felt that the addition of dried grapes (or raisins) were a bit heavy handed and didn’t contribute in any way to dish.
From the desserts, we opted for the Half Guilty Chocolate Fondant  which is a Manjari Chocolate Emulsion with Caramelized Macadamia Nut and Banana served in a tea cup (we found that interesting) and the Mysterious Arabica which is theatrical dessert of Jivara Ganache and Confit Pear with Arabica Coffee Ice Cream. We definitely loved the Fondant more since it was rich and decadent in flavor and the crunch of the macadamia nut boosted the deliciousness of this dessert.
Address & Contact Details:
Satine Restaurant
Nikki Beach Dubai
Pearl Jumeirah
Dubai , UAE
Tel: 04-4376668

The Bill:
“Taste of Satine” – Dhs 220 per person

Ambiance: 4.5/5
Food: 3.5/5
Value: 3/5
Service: 4/5

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