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Heinz Beck, with three Michelin stars under his belt is one of the world’s most renowned chefs who is widely recognized throughout Europe for his exquisite and gastronomical cooking. Dining at Social By Heinz Beck has been on our bucket list for far too long now. Not only did we get to experience a specially handcrafted six course menu by Heinz Beck, but we also got to meet the man himself during his short trip to Dubai. Talk about icing on the cake!
About Social By Heinz Beck:
Social By Heinz Beck is a restaurant that has been launched by the three Michelin star chef a few years ago and boasts contemporary Italian dining with an elegant and refined atmosphere. It is located at one the most magnificent hotels in Dubai – The Waldorf Astoria and boasts a very chic, sophisticated and modern set up. The restaurant is expansive, spaced out and has an open kitchen bordered with large glass doors that let you admire the chefs in their zone.
An Evening with Heinz Beck:
Our culinary journey into experiencing the gastronomical conceptions of masterchef Heinz Beck comprised of a specially crafted six course menu enclosing some of the most palatable Italian dishes we’ve had in Dubai.
Our meal began with a sparkling glass of Prosecco and the selection of five hors d’œuvre that were beautifully and rustically presented on a high wooden box. These included;
Salty Sablé ( a savory version of a French round shortbread cookie) with Carbonara Cream. The Sablé almost tasted like a cracker, however its melts in your mouth just as you bite into it (like shortbread). The generous swirl of Carbonara Cream had a hint of parmesan that went perfectly well with the Sablé.
Beetroot Macaroon with Wasabi Cream. A very innovate incorporation of flavors into a tiny macaroon that burst with flavor as you bite into it. The beetroot macaroon was sweet and the wasabi cream had a tinge of spice, thus leading to a perfect contrast of flavors (and textures).
–  Parmigiano Risotto Croquette. The breadcrumbed outer layer was perfectly golden and crispy, and the filling of the risotto was light and rich.
Foie Gras Terrain with Nuts. This was the least of our favorite hors d’œuvre. The texture of the terrain was slightly grainy (not of mousse-like consistency) and we unfortunately couldnt taste the Foie Gras.
Molecular Olives. Created using reverse spherification, these spherical olives are made using green olive juice and bursts in your mouth as bite into it. The strong flavor of olives was very prominent too.
After we were done tantalizing our taste buds with the hors d’œuvre, we began with course one of our meal.
–  Salad of Panzanella and marinated Tuna. We dont remember the last time we got to feast our eyes on such a beautiful presentation of a Salad before. Served with delicately sliced pieces of fresh tuna, along with a flavorful tomato bisque and “tomato bread” that has the most intriguing texture, this is definitely not one of your rustic Tuscan Panzanella salads.
– Our second course constituted a delicate presentation of  Scallops composition with Asparagus, Peas and Fava Beans. The highlight of this dish has got to be the scallops and how beautifully cooked they were. The subtle flavors of the vegetables too didn’t overpower the flavor of the scallops and left a very mild aftertaste.
– Next we had the Burrata Fagottello with Squid, Artichokes and Bottarga. It was interesting to see how those little pockets of ravioli enclosed within them a generous filling of Burrata (we’ve had alot of burrata, but never as a filling). The bottarga added a nice saltiness to the dish, and wrapped the flavors up beautifully.
– Our fourth dish comprised of Sea Bass in Chilli sauce and Marinated Anchovies. One of the most simplest dishes we’ve had, yet the most flavorful. The Sea Bass was flaky, the chilli sauce had a punch of flavor and slight heat. Although, we wished the dish had a bit more sauce.
– Finally, the best of them all was the Beef on smoked Eggplant Puree and Vegetables in Carpione. Yes, this dish tasted as delicious as it looks. We asked for our beef to be cooked Medium Rare and it was perfectly cooked. The sauce had a lot of depth and complemented the beef well.  The eggplant puree was lusciously smooth and creamy too. An all-round perfect dish!
– Our dessert was absolutely phenomenal! We had the Hazelnuts in cremeux with rhubarb and strawberries and honestly, it was faultless! The hazelnut cremeux was dense and soft and tasted brilliant with the perfectly poached rhubarb and strawberries. Right from the presentation to the taste, it ticked all the boxes for us!
DSC_0378We were then presented with a delectable selection of mini desserts, and then got the golden opportunity to have a word with the man himself in the Social kitchen!
Address & Contact Details:
Social By Heinz Beck
Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah
Crescent Road
The Palm
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-8182222

The Bill:
“An Evening with Heinz Beck” Tasting Menu – Dhs 600 per person & Dhs 1000 per person with wine pairing

Ambience: 3.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Food: 4/5
Value: 4/5

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