Restaurant Review – Weslodge Saloon

About Weslodge :
Weslodge is a young Canadian chain that has finally made its debut in Dubai during the month of March. Located at the JW Marquis, the theme of Weslodge’s menu is contemporary American with a slight Canadian tweak to it. As for the ambiance, their iconic yellow doors did stand out for us. Moreover, the rugged yet chic ambience powered by a 360 degree view of Dubai adds to the “rock and roll” vibe they aim to portray.
FYI: Weslodge’s Dhs 220, 000 four meter grill built by Grillworks in the United States is the largest grill in the Middle East. Executive chef Ben Heaton sanctimoniously brags about it too.
The Food:
The dinner menu is vast, detailed and split into six sections – Small, Raw, Salad, Large,Meat/Fish/Poultry and Steak.
– Small Section
• The Lobster Roll comprised of generously filled and beautifully tender lobster chunks that was infused with a truffle mornay sauce and nestled in a soft moist bread roll that ticked all the boxes for us. However for the price, the Lobster Roll seems too small (two rolls would’ve been perfect)
• We also tried the Lobster Poutine which was a clever play on the usual Poutine. For instance, instead of cheese curds – lobster was used and in the place of gravy – a deliciously fragrant lobster bisque was used. Drizzled sparingly with hollandaise and tarragon, Poutines have definitely been taken to the next level for us!
Raw Section
• From the raw section, we tried the Smoky Beef Tartare that probably lacked presentation, however bursts with flavor! The Diced rare beef cubes along with small dollops of horseradish cream topped with shavings of a cured egg yolk and black truffle, all marry perfectly together in terms of textures and flavors. Best part? Those little beef crisps on the side are actually made from the tendon of the beef (thin slice of fat) that has been dehydrated and then deep fried! A technique that absolutely blew our minds!
– Salad Section
• For salads we tried the Weslodge Chop which is made from 25 ingredients (That’s right, 25!) is a perfect salad to share. Loved the small chunks of avocado and feta that added a lot of freshness and flavor to the salad, the dill vinaigrette dressed the salad beautifully and rounded of the dish perfectly.
Large Section
• We saw “Southern Fried Chicken” on the menu and thought to ourselves “We’ve got to get this!”. Rightly so, it was the best chicken we have ever eaten! The chicken was oh so tender, packed full of flavor and marinated in buttermilk and then deep fried to crisp perfection. The Tabasco honey sauce that was served on the side was heavenly since it had a gentle kick of heat balanced by sweetness of the honey.
Meat/Fish/Poultry Section
• From this section, we tried the Whole Lobster. Perfecting the art of a beautifully cooked lobster might seem like a challenge, however Weslodge aced it! The lobster was grilled over a wood fire oven which added an amazing smokey flavor to the delicate flesh. Combined with a Yuzu hollandaise and aromatic herbs, this dish was a knockout and it wasn’t long before we devoured the entire lobster.
• Not often do we have the urge to write or even mention sides, but the Roasted Cauliflower in buttermilk was sensational! Loved the BBQ flavored seasoning.
• The Thrice cooked chips on the other hand was a disappointment. Being thrice cooked, we were expecting a crispy exterior and a beautifully fluffy interior. Unfortunately the chips were soggy and the homemade ketchup on the side had a bit too much sweet pepper which threw the balance off.
– Dessert Section
Gianduja Tart – The resemblance of this dessert was similar to that of a Lemon Tart and was presented beautifully! The little bites of meringue just melted in our mouths and the yogurt sorbet definitely added to the dish and rounded it off well.
Banoffee Pie – Being avid lovers of Banoffee, this dish unfortunately didn’t really cut it for us. While the portion was generous, the texture was a bit off. We would have preferred the banana to be sliced or cut up into small chunks, rather than pureed. The pastry however was perfectly crumbly and soft.
Chefs Selection of Icecream and Sorbets – When we ordered this we didn’t expect it to look this spectacular! Loved the delicate perfectly tempered shards of dark chocolate. Our favorites would definitely have to be the mango, chocolate and vanilla!
Location & Contact Details:

68th Floor
JW Marquis Hotel
Business Bay
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-5601700

The Bill:

Lobster Roll – Dhs 115 per piece
Lobster Poutine – Dhs 65
Smoky Beef Tartare – Dhs 95
Weslodge Chop – Dhs 50
Southern Fried Chicken – Dhs 75
Whole Lobster – Dhs 235
Roasted Cauliflower – Dhs 45
Thrice Cooked Chips – Dhs 25
Gianduja Tart – Dhs 45
Banoffee Pie – Dhs 25
Chef’s Selection of Ice Cream and Sorbets – Dhs 50

Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3.5/5

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