Café Review – Iftar at Culinary Boutique

Being an ardent lover of picturesque coffee shops, Culinary Boutique has not only claimed the hearts of all coffee lovers in Dubai, but our hearts as well. It’s a café straight out of pinterest with its dainty décor, comfortable seating and delicately designed menu. Culinary Boutique has been known long for its Lavender coffee, flavored croissants and scrumptious breakfast dishes. During the Holy Month of Ramadan, we went to test Culinary Boutique’s Ramadan Menu as well to see if the quality and taste is on par with the rest of the dishes we’ve tried at the café.
As we were glancing through our menu, we were served with Traditional Arabic Coffee to go along with our Dates. The dates tasted unusually exceptional since it was drenched in Tahini Sauce (a condiment similar to peanut butter) that added the most beautiful variation of flavors and tasted absolutely exquisite.
DSC_0759DSC_0749We then moved on to our first course, which was an Algerian Chicken Soup that was served piping hot and tasted fresh. The consistency of the soup was perfect, and it seemed pretty apparent that a lot of spices were used to enhance the flavor of the soup. Works for us!
DSC_0786We were then presented with a selection of cold appetizers, salads and hot appetizers that included Mutabbal, Aubergin with Sesame Sauce, Falafel Sliders, Beef Samosa, Lentil Salad and Burrata and Rocket Salad. The highlights of our appetizer definitely had to be the beautifully cooked Aubergin that tasted absolutely splendid with the pistachio crumb and sesame sauce. We also loved the crunch and flavors of the Falafel sliders (although it was missing a side of sweet potato fries) and the lusciously smooth Burrata that melts in your mouth. However, the lentil salad was a disappointment for us since it lacked dressing and tasted ordinary.
DSC_0823DSC_0838DSC_0850We then moved on to our mains which comprised of Lamb Tagine with Prunes, Basmati Rice and Lentil Cabbage Roll. We loved the strong and aromatic flavors of the tagine and it goes perfectly well with the lightly spiced rice. However, the cabbage rolls seemed unnecessary and didn’t much for us in terms of flavor.
DSC_0865Finally when it came to dessert we had a delicious concoction of Nutella, Chocolate Ice cream, Pistachios and Kunafah also known as “Chocolate Surprise”. Although this jar might seem big and heavy, devouring this jar by a single person alone seems relatively easy. This dessert was not just light but tasted absolutely delicious, making you devour spoonful after spoonful. Yum!
Address & Contact Details:
Culinary Boutique
Villa No. 56
Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 1
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-3450023

Our Bill:
Iftar for two – Dhs 210

Ambience: 4.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value: 2.5/5

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