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Iftar at Angelina:
The Holy Month of Ramadan is upon us, and we at WhereMyFoodAt are on a quest to bring to our followers some of the best Iftar deals in the city. Which brings us to our first Iftar post for the season at the quintessential Parisian Tea Room – Angelina. Although the cafe is popularly known for its delightful Parisian gourmet pastries, Angelina prepares seasonal items for its Ramadan Menu with Middle Eastern influences infused in the dishes.
Ramadan Menu at Angelina:
The menu comprises of three courses, each delectably good and unique on its own. We started with the Lentil and Chickpea Soup with a dollop of Hummus and perfectly cooked and sliced chicken on the side. This is without a doubt, the best lentil soup we’ve EVER tried in Dubai. The flavors were phenomenal and the cold temperature of the hummus combined perfectly well with the hot soup. The chicken added a lot of flavor to the lentil soup and was cooked beautifully tender. Perfect way to break your fast if you ask us.
We then moved on to the Braised Lamb with Spices and Dried Fruits. The star of the dish definitely has to be the jus (which we could gulp bowls and bowls of). The lamb was tender and went well with the baked potato and raisins (although we felt the addition of raisins was a bit heavy handed). This dish was so good, it still makes us salivate.
Finally for dessert we had the Pépite – a dessert created exclusively for Ramadan by Angelina’s chef. This dessert is a flawless combination of crispy almonds, hazelnut biscuits, creamy dates, milk chocolate mousse, milk chocolate icing and hazelnuts. Not only was this dessert beautiful to look at, but it tasted magnificent too. We loved how light and airy it was, and at the same time not to sweet. The combination of ingredients went perfectly together and tasted absolutely genius!
Address & Contact Details:
Angelina Cafe
The Dubai Mall
Downtown Dubai
Tel: 04-4428814

The Bill:
The Ramadan Menu comprises of three dishes only;
Lentil and Chickpea Soup – Dhs 45
Braised Lamb with Spices and Dried Fruits – Dhs 85
Pépite – Dhs 45

Ambiance: 3.5/5
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3.5/5

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review – Angelina

  1. my only issue with this restaurant is that it isn’t value for money. yes the food is ‘good’ but paying 42 dhs for a eclair just doesn’t make sense. This Is a shopping mall restaurant .

    1. Yes we agree, it’s a bit overpriced. Although, we haven’t tried the eclair yet, but whatever we’ve tried so far seems worth it to us. Hope you get a chance to try the “pepite” , its truly to die for!

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