Restaurant Review – Moshi

Not Your Ordinary Sushi Joint:
The word “Moshi” is derived from the concoction of two words – Momo and Sushi. When you think “Sushi” you think traditional Japanese Maki, Nigiri or Sashimi. However the food at Moshi is nowhere close to being traditional or typical. Moshi combines the best of Japanese and Nepalese flavors and serves them with a twist.
Moshi’s Summer Menu:
We dine at Moshi on a frequent basis since there’s always something new and exciting to try. Our latest visit to Moshi was to experiment their new Summer Menu and we were blown away. If you fancy a light yet delicious snack then you have to opt for the Sriracha Edamame. The generous drizzle of sriracha sauce adds the perfect amount of heat and flavor. The most popular item (you’ll be foolish not to try this) is the Flamin’ Chicken Cheetos. We loved the crunch in this roll and the spice from the Cheetos tasted addictively good. Some other interesting varieties of sushi included the Zaatar Labneh Maki, Volcano Roll and the Sushi Burger. We liked the concept of a Sushi Burger, since we’ve never heard of it before. However when it came to flavor it didn’t “wow” us as much as we’d want it to. The Zaatar Labneh Maki on the other hand tasted brilliant, with a strong flavor of Zaatar which we loved. If there was one dish we were truly addicted to, it had to be the Hot Dog Maki. As odd as it may sound, the taste is like nothing you’ll ever imagine. One bite and we were instantly transported to our childhood cafeteria days where we used to devour hotdogs on a daily basis. Nostalgia! Finally, another dish that might confuse your palette is the Dhokla Maki (Dhokla is an Indian vegetarian snack made with fermented rice and chickpeas batter). We loved the flavor of this dish, but weren’t too fond of the texture. One of the main highlights from our Summer Menu tasting were the refreshing drinks of Strawberry Mojito and Lotus Milkshake. We loved the shake in particular for the strong hint of Lotus and perfect consistency.

Address & Contact Details:
Shop 5-6
Oud Metha Building
Near Lamcy Plaza
Oud Metha
Tel: 800 – MOSHI

The Bill:
– Sriracha Edamame – Dhs 18
– Flamin’ Chicken Cheetos – Dhs 32
– Zaatar Labneh Maki – Dhs 25
– Volcano Roll – Dhs 39
– Sushi Burger- Dhs 37
– Hot Dog Maki – Dhs 28
– Dhokla Maki – Dhs 24
– Lotus Milkshake – Dhs 26
– Strawberry Mojito – Dhs 18

Ambiance: 3/5
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value: 4/5

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