Restaurant Review – The Artisan

Essence of Florence in Dubai:
Three Michelin starred chef Annie Feolde brings to Dubai evolutionary Italian cuisine that boasts simplistic yet refined Tuscan traditions. The Artisan by Enoteca Pichiorri is the latest noteworthy restaurant in town that has single handedly taken over the Italian Fine Dining scene in Dubai by presenting to its audience an eclectic menu using some of the finest ingredients we’ve ever come across.
First Impressions:
What we admired the most as we stepped into The Artisan was the modern, refined and intricately designed set up that portrayed pastel blue and wooden hues. The restaurant was bright, had a lot of positive energy and was characterized by clean and elegant interiors.
Taste of Tuscan Cuisine:
The menu was diverse, and all the dishes seemed rather alluring. With the help of our friendly server who was kind enough to elaborately describe each dish for us, we ordered some of Artisan’s signature dishes. We began with the “Firori Di Zucchina Fritti, Farcito Di Mozzarella Di Buffale E Pesto Toscano” which is Fried Zucchini Flowers stuffed with a mix of Buffalo Mozzarella and Tuscan Pesto. Our quest for the perfect Zucchini Flowers ends here with this dish. Although Zucchini Flowers aren’t widely available in most restaurants in Dubai, we’re fairly confident that this dish is bound to top them all.  We absolutely savored those perfectly stuffed and crispy flowers that tasted simple yet delicious.
We also tried the “Gamberi Profumati Al Basilicio Insalata Di Quinoa Allo Zenzero, Porri Con Crema Di Zafferano” which is Artisan’s signature marinated Prawns served with a Ginger Quinoa Salad, Crispy Leek and Saffron Cream. Loved how all the ingredients synced perfectly together in terms of flavors, textures and aesthetic appeal. This salad is a must have if you like bold flavors but at the same time aren’t too heavy.
What blew us away was the “Insalata Di Pomodori Misti Conditi A Modo Nostro” which is Artisan’s signature salad featuring a delicious mix of Italian tomatoes. The beauty of this dish has to be the quality of tomatoes used that did not require any extravagant dressing for the tomatoes to shine through. The tomatoes are fresh and imported from Italy – a must have if you visit The Artisan.
Another must have is the “Agnolotti De Plin Farciti Di Zucca Mantovana, Salvia, Burro, Mandorle Tostate Con Fonduta Di Parmigiano” which is Homemade Agnolotti stuffed with Mantova Pumpkin, Sage, Butter, Roasted Almonds and Topped with Parmesan Fondue. This dish easily bags its spot in one of the top five stuffed pasta dishes we’ve had in Dubai. The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente, the pumpkin filling was soft and well seasoned and the almonds and parmesan fondue wrapped with dish up beautifully.
For our mains, we tried the “Filetto Di Coda Di Rospo Facito Di Cipolla Stufata, Brocolleti, Aglio Olio E Pepperoncino” which is Monkfish Fillet stuffed with stewed Onions, Brocolli, Garlic, Oil and Red Chilli Sauce. With regards to seafood, since monkfish is our protein of choice we opted for this dish and it was elegantly presented. The monkfish was cooked flawlessly and went rather well with the lusciously smooth broccoli puree.
Finally, we tried “Scottadito Di Agnello Marinato” which are Lamb Chops. In Italian, the word “Scottadito” means “Burned Fingers” (This dish is named Scottadito because the lamb chops are so delicious that you can’t resist eating them sizzling hot, straight from the grill and burning your fingers). This is probably not one of the best dishes we’ve had at Artisan (presentation wise) however the flavors were definitely there.
When it came to dessert, we tried the “Tortino Fondente Al Cioccolato” which is Chocolate Fondant. The fondant was delicious and cooked well (perfectly gooey inside). However since we’ve had our fair share of fondants, nothing really stood out for us in this dessert except for the homemade salted oreo crumb that added a unique flavor and texture.
The “Cremino Dell’ Artisan” which is also known as the Artisan Cremino was the perfect end to our meal. Elegantly presented in a gorgeous tea cup, this dessert was a concoction of white, milk and dark chocolate that were perfectly balanced, delicious and not too heavy. Needless to say we swiped the cup clean.

Location & Contact Details:

Level P5
Burj Damam Building
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-3388133

The Bill:

Fried Zucchini Flowers – Dhs 70
Artisan’s signature marinated Pawns – Dhs 70
Artisan’s signature Tomato salad – Dhs 44
Homemade Agnolotti – Dhs 90
Monkfish Fillet – Dhs 155
Lamb Chops Scottadito – Dhs 185
Chocolate Fondant – Dhs 55
Artisan Cremino – Dhs 55


Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 4/5

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