Restaurant Review – Totora

Totora Cebicheria Peruana- An Authentic Peruvian Dining Experience:
Placed within Dubai International Financial Centre  alongside some of the best restaurant in Dubai lies a restaurant with sheer authenticity and vitality. Based on their travelling experiences, the founders of Totora took inspiration from Latin American countries to create a colorful Peruvian concept.
6000 Square Feet Of Contemporary Design:
Comprising of two floors, the venue has a bar and restaurant on the first floor, and a lounge bar on the ground floor. As we entered Totora, we were greeted by a large magnificent gold rope bridge , modeled after the last remaining Incan Rope Bridge. Beyond the bridge, we noticed a spacious, vibrant and perfectly decorated space with bright hues of orange and blue.
Premium Peruvian Dining:
The menu at Totora is a concoction of native ingredients and authentic Peruvian spices, all compacted into refined, beautifully presented dishes.
We started off with Cebiches, a classic Peruvian dish of raw fish cured in lime juice, spiced with Peruvian chillies. We ordered the “Mixto” that comprises of Seabass, Octopus, Shrimp, Choclo Corn (also known as Peruvian corn), Chulpi Corn and Leche De Tigre Sauce (a citrus based marinade also known as tiger’s milk). Loved the strong acidity and the combination of flavors and textures in this dish.
We also tried the Aji Amarillo that comes from a Peruvian styled sashimi, which reflects the Japanese influence on Peruvian cuisine. The dish comprises of Seabass, Aji Amarillo Leche De Tigre, Aji Limo and Chulpi Corn. We loved the addition of the aji amarillo sauce. Made out of chilli peppers, the sauce had medium heat and a great flavor that elevated the seabass.
The highlight of our meal had to be the Trio De Causas  which is a traditional cold layered mashed potato filled with seafood. The dish was beautifully presented with Three Color Mashed Potato Filled With Octopus, Crab Meat And Shrimps. Not only was this dish pleasant to the eyes but to the palette as well. The potatoes were smooth and creamy and went brilliantly with the seafood.
Moving on, we tried the Empanadas with Beef, Aji Panca (which is a Peruvian red pepper) and Chimichurri Sauce. The empanadas (which is a stuffed pastry) was perfectly crisp on the outside and generously filled on the inside. The chimichurri sauce added a mild yet delicious flavor to the empanadas and wrapped it up perfectly!
Another interesting dish we sampled at Totora is the Aji De Gallina which are sushi style rolls filled with Chicken, Eggs, Potato and Aji Amarillo Sauce. This dish is definitely a must have when you plan on visiting Totora. We weren’t expecting to like this dish, but we loved it!  The flavors were spot on, making it relatively easy for us to devour the entire platter in seconds.
For mains we tried the Lomo Saltado which is a popular fusion Peruvian stir-fried dish comprising of Beef Tenderloin, Baby Potatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Dark Soy Sauce, Coriander And Onion.  This dish is inspired by Chinese roots imbibed in Peruvian cuisine and the contrast of flavors are a match made in heaven. The flavor of the soy sauce is dominant, however the incorporation of subtle Peruvian flavors made it unique and delicious.
We also savored the Seco De Cordero  which is a stew comprising of slow cooked Chica De Jora Braised Lamb Leg, Aji Panca, Aji Amarillo and Chifle Peruvian Squash. The dish looked vibrant and the taste of the gravy was packed with flavor. Loved the flakiness of the lamb too that was moist and made us salivate with every mouthful.
For dessert, we had the Tres Leches which is a Sponge Cake cooked with Evaporated And Condensed Milk, Whipping Cream And Berries. Definitely one of the best Tres Leches we’ve had. The cake was moist, light and not to sweet.
We also had the Lucuma Andean Cereals which is made with Lucuma (a sub tropical fruit) Mousse, Quinoa, Sesame, Linseed and Chocolate Pisco Sauce. Loved the texture of the Lucama mousse that tasted unique and extraordinary (very Peruvian too!). This dessert looked beautiful and tasted even better with a very interesting crunch from the quinoa and seeds.

Address & Contact Details:
Gate Village
Building 7
Dubai International Financial Centre
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-3999666

The Bill:

Cebiches Mixto – Dhs 65
Aji Amarillo – Dhs 75
Trio De Causas – Dhs 75
Empanadas – Dhs 35
Aji De Gallina – Dhs 45
Lomo Saltado – Dhs 130
Seco De Cordero – Dhs 80
Tres Leches – Dhs 45
Lucuma Andean Cereals – Dhs 45


Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3.5/5

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