WhereMyFoodAt wins People’s Choice Award for “Best Blog in the UAE 2016”!

13325550_10156862892390417_9119027503557388245_nSo here’s a post that, for once, isn’t about the food but something we’re truly and passionately proud of. A while ago, we came to learn that our blog – WhereMyFoodAt made it to the Top 10 Finalists of the People’s Choice Ahlan! Awards 2016 for “Best Blog” in the UAE.
What are the People’s Choice Ahlan! Awards?
The awards take place annually at the country’s capital to celebrate UAE’s finest – from restaurants and hotels to malls and personalities.  The nominations with the most votes wins and are crowned the regions best.  The category we were nominated for, represented some of the best bloggers from Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and Food ( Fun Fact – 6 out of 10 nominees were Food Bloggers – Yay!)
The awards were held on June 1st 2016, at World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi and needless to say, being our first ever nomination, we were very excited!
The night was fabulous, but us leaving the venue with the very prestigious BEST BLOG IN THE UAE AWARD was the cherry on top.
13325463_10156846095690417_7000958277632312917_nWords cannot begin to express the feeling of gratitude in our hearts (and this is coming from two bloggers). We knew the fact that making it to the Top 10 was an achievement on its own, but winning it, and getting the chance to represent Food Bloggers all over UAE is absolutely surreal.
It’s moments like these that push us to be consistent and keep getting better and better at what we do. We only have our dear readers and followers to thank, for taking the time out to vote for us and for loving what we do. We feel truly blessed and there’s nothing but love for you guys!

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