Restaurant Review – Firebird

Gracing the newly launched Four Seasons Hotel at DIFC lies a fancy diner that’s inspired by the American eatery of the 1950s. Firebird Diner by Chef Michael Mina offers a luxurious experience whilst giving you a casual feel of lounging in a traditional American diner.
First Impressions:
As we walked into Firebird, the 1950’s jukebox seemed to be the center of attraction at the restaurant and yes, it actually works! The set up of the restaurant instantly transports you to the streets of New York where all you want to is sit back, relax and indulge in some wholesome food. But in spite of Firebird protruding a very casual, retro vibe, the restaurant still seems to exhibit a elegant and glamorous flair. We also loved those floor to ceiling glass windows that offer remarkable views of Dubai.
Our Meal:
We started off with Michael Mina’s Tuna Tartar with sesame oil, mint, Asian pear garlic and chilli.
The dish had a very interesting presentation where your server combines all the ingredients at the table. The tartar tasted very fresh and we loved the addition of sesame oil that which added a beautiful Asian flavor. If we had be picky, the bread could’ve been toasted to add a nice crunch to the dish.
Next, we tried the “Popcorn” Shrimp with Gary’s Tabasco Sauce, Chili Lime and Spicy Mayo. The presentation of this dish was simple, however we loved how perfectly cooked those prawns were (although the prawns could’ve been a bit more golden). The addition of the chilli flake lime was unique and added a lot of flavor. The spicy mayo went perfectly with the prawns as well.
We loved the Buffalo-Style Chicken Wings with Buttered Hot Sauce and served with a Bleu Cheese dip. The chicken was perfectly tender and the bones were neatly frenched well. We loved the bufffalo sauce that had a good kick to it and went perfectly with the blue cheese.
We also had the Avocado “Chop” served with House-Pickled Vegetables and Phyllo and Jalapeño Relish. Definitely one of the most unique salads we’ve had in a long time! The salad had a lot of texture and we loved the concept of an avocado hidden beneath the phyllo. The flavors were delicious and the avocado was seasoned well. However, we felt the salad would taste perfect with more greens.
Next, we tried the “All American” Burger filled with Gouda, Secret Sauce and Romaine Onion Marmalade. Firebird claims this to be one of their best burgers and rightly so. The beef was extremely juicy and cooked well, the bun was generously buttered and soft and fries were crispy and tasty. A definite must try! Also, make sure to try the burger with a side of Jalapeno Cream Corn and/or Truffle Mac and Cheese. You can thank us later.
Moving on, we had to try the BBQ-Braised Beef Short Rib that were Slow Cooked, topped with Swiss Chard and served on a bed of Corn Bread Pickle “Relish”. This would most definitely have to be the dish of the day. The meat was cooked until tender and falling of the bone and the bed of corn was full of flavor and rounded the dish well. If we had to be critical, we would’ve liked a bit more of that delicious sauce on the side.
When it came to dessert, we ordered the Molten Chocolate Cookie Crumbs with Vanilla Ice Cream and Molten Chocolate Cake. Presented beautifully, we loved the theatrical pouring of the salted caramel sauce all over the dessert. The cookie on its own was gooey and delicious and we loved the perfect tuile biscuits that added a nice crunch.
We ended our meal brilliantly with a Bananas Foster served with Cinnamon Ice Cream, Mini Elvis Toast and Crushed Linzer Cookies. This dessert is a definite gem in the making. The banana toffee sauce is rich, silky smooth and to die for. The caramelized bananas and ice cream go well together and the Elvis toasts bursts with Nutella in your mouth as you bite into it. The linzer cookies add a beautiful texture as well.
We don’t usually mention drinks in our reviews, but the Salted Caramel Popcorn Milkshake tasted heavenly. The milkshake was thick, smooth, rich and garnished with caramel popcorn that added a beautiful nutty flavor. Yum!

Address and Contact Details:
Four Seasons Hotel
DIFC, Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04-5060100

The Bill:
Michael Mina’s Tuna Tartare – Dhs 95
“Popcorn” Shrimp – Dhs 75
Buffalo-Style Chicken Wings – Dhs 65
Avocado “Chop” – Dhs 70
“All American” Burger – Dhs 110
BBQ-Braised Beef Short Rib – Dhs 175
Molten Chocolate Cookie Crumbs – Dhs 40
Bananas Foster – Dhs 40

Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3/5

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