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24th August was a huge day for us at WhereMyFoodAt. It was a day of flaunting this city we call “home” to the rest of the world who haven’t yet realized the beauty of the Food Culture in Dubai. We recently collaborated with FeedFeed (a well known food-based website with over 1 million followers on Instagram alone) to exemplify the multi-cultural food scene of Dubai to its followers. It was a big deal for us, considering FeedFeed has never covered the Middle East before, and we were more than excited to be the ones chosen for this gastronomical adventure. We were given 24 hours to take over FeedFeed’s Snapchat and trust us when we say we made optimum use of it.

DSC_0496First Stop – Cocoa Room:
We began our takeover bright and early at 8am with a scrumptious feast at our most favorite breakfast spot of all time – Cocoa Room. Known for its irresistibly delicious looking dishes, Cocoa Room is well known in Dubai for serving some of the best Benedicts and Pancakes in town. We started off with a Wild Mushroom Benedict (Dhs50) uniquely served on a fresh and crumbly croissant topped with mushrooms, shaved truffle, two perfectly poached eggs and hollandaise on top. The earthiness and richness of this benedict transports you to a whole other world.
Next, we tried the Turkish Eggs (Dhs40) which is basically a beautiful concoction of organic poached eggs with garlic labneh. We loved the strong flavor of garlic that shone through the entire dish.
We also tried the “Hit Me” Waffles (Dhs35) that was part of the new menu and it looked too delicious to devour. The dish comprised of fluffy jalapeno potato waffles topped with bacon, cheddar, pulled roasted chicken, poached organic eggs and chipotle hollandaise. We love a bit of heat with our eggs and if you do too, then this is the dish for you.
To satisfy our sweet-tooth cravings, we tried their signature “Lotus Dreams” (Dhs80) buttermilk Pancakes topped with fresh berries, coconut shavings, lotus crumble, vanilla ice cream and generously drizzled with biscoff sauce. The heaviness of these pancakes are overshadowed by the deliciousness of this dessert. The highlight would definitely have to be the pancakes itself that were absolutely light and moist and literally melts in your mouth.
The people at Cocoa Room were kind enough to let us sample their latest addition in the menu – the “Cruffin” (cross between a croissant and a muffin). We tried their Lemon Pie Cruffin with Toasted Marshmallow Cream (Dhs15 each) and their Biscoff Cruffin with Lotus Crumble. Absolutely loved it! Last but not the least, you can’t go to Cocoa Room and not indulge in their Burnt Marshmallow and Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. It’s by far the most photogenic hot chocolate we’ve seen and we love the consistency of it (doesn’t fill you up).
Second Stop – At the Top, Buj Khalifa
We realize that 24 hours is not enough to showcase some of the “must see” destinations in Dubai. However, if we had to pick one, it’s gotta be At The Top! We decided to take FeedFeed’s followers on a trip to the most iconic building in Dubai and the world – The Burj Khalifa! Standing at 830m tall, it’s officially the tallest building in the world. It’s been over six years since its inauguration and till this date, we can’t help but stare at this megatall skyscraper. At 456 meters above the ground, we ended up on the Observation Deck at Level 125 that gives you the luxury of enjoying uninterrupted 360 degree views of the city. The deck gives you a Falcon’s Eye view that allows you to explore the city from a unique perspective.
Third Stop – Lunch at Tresind
Continuing the trend of visiting our most favorite restaurants in Dubai, we headed next to Tresind (“Très” which is French for “very” and “Ind” which is an abbreviation for India) to take FeedFeed’s followers on a molecular gastronomical adventure like no other. Executive Chef Himanshu Saini brings a unique concept in Molecular Gastronomy to Dubai and beautifully marries progressive fine dining approach with traditional Indian cuisine. Tresind claims to provide a Modernist Indian Fine Dining experience, and rightly so.
We began our lunch with a live preparation of Deconstructed Pani Puri which is a type of Street Food in India that is loved by many. At Tresind however, they did not present it traditionally. Instead, they were served as an Amuse Bouche where the Pudina Pani or mint flavored water (usually consumed in liquid state) was turned into jelly (spherification) within seconds at our table.
Tresind is fondly known for its “Modernist Chaat Trolley” (Dhs150) , which is a dish we can guarantee you’ll find nowhere in Dubai. Our server started off by freezing “Dhokla” which is a Indian vegetarian snack from Gujarat made with rice and split chickpeas, in nitrogen oxide with a temperature of about – 190 degree celsius. While the dhokla is freezing, our server starts preparing the dish using Imli Chutney which is a sweet tamarind chutney, sweet curd, mint chutney, spices which are converted into a gel and Papdi (a crispy fried Indian snack). The dhokla which is now in a solid state, is then broken into pieces on the trolley. The dhokla is rehydrated and the entire dish is garnished with fresh berries and blend of spices which is added based on your spice preference. The taste by the end of it was exquisite, and left us wanting more.
We also tried the Wild Mushroom Chai (Dhs95) with Dehydrated Mushrooms and Truffle Milk Powder. This soup was served in a tea pot with tea cups and created to give you the impression of drinking tea. First, the dehydrated mushrooms are added into the tea cups, and then Truffle Oil which is converted into powder is added to give the effect of Milk Powder. Finally, the Mushroom “chai” is poured into the cups and stirred. The flavor of mushroom and truffles was highly aromatic and to an extent, therapeutic too. Loved the clear consistency of the soup and the earthy flavor brought about by the mushrooms.
Other stand out dishes included the Chicken Tikka Carpaccio (Dhs100) with Litchi and Tarragon placed on a bed of applewood smoke. The aromas of the smoke as you devour the carpaccio enhances the dish tenfold. The combination of litchi and tarragon was very refreshing and went perfectly with chicken
We adored the Sea Bass Recheado (Dhs200) with Korean Ssamjang sauce and hot pan vegetables and the Full Blooded Blackmore Wagyu (Dhs250) served with picked from India. The flavors from both these dishes were evidently strong, yet did not overpower the protein/meat. Not to forget the presentation which was spot on (no surprises here).
We also loved the Tawa Chicken Fry with Kadak Pao (Dhs120) that was generously and rustically served. The flavors transported us back to our home country where savoring a delicious chicken curry was the highlight of our day. Loved the addition of spice and flavors that went well with the perfectly cooked chicken.
Our final main was the Moroccan Chick pea Tagine “Channa Batura” which is a play on a classic Indian dish. Loved how beautifully the dish was presented and the chickpeas or “channa” were cooked perfectly cooked. The batura was perfectly round and fluffy and complimented the channa perfectly.
For dessert, we started off with Daulat Ki Chaat (Dhs120) with Sohn Papdi Crumble and 24 carat Gold Dust. Daulat Ki Chaat, as it is called in Delhi, goes by many names in the north of India and is considered a “rich dessert” (monetary wise). Although this dessert is made with heavy cream, milk, saffron and nuts, the dessert is super light (almost like a soufflé) and can be enjoyed even after a heavy meal. The Sohn Papdi which is a North Indian flaky dessert adds a beautiful texture. Plus, you can count on the gold dust to add “royalty” to this dessert.
Ultimately though, what stood out for us in terms of dessert was the Deconstructed Black Forest Cake (Dhs160) that was (obviously) prepared at our table. An Indianized version of the Black Forest, this dessert is prepared layering cake crumbs, chocolate sponge and Doda barfi (a Punjabi milk fudge sweet), which is then topped with caramel sauce. Then, cream and sour cream is added into nitrogen oxide to solidify it and placed over the rest of the ingredients. It is then topped with hot chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings, fresh cranberries, cocoa powder, more caramel sauce and garnished with solidified cream. Absolutely genius, innovative and not to forget, addictively delicious.
Fourth Stop – Masterclass at Marina Social with Tristin Farmer:
Staying true to the essence of the FeedFeed’s SnapStory, we decided to conduct a masterclass for its followers. And since we’re more of Restaurant Reviewers than Recipe Bloggers, we decided to handover the masterclass section of our takeover to the experts. Enter Chef Tristin Farmer, Head Chef of Marina Social and winner of Head Chef of the Year at the Caterer Middle East Awards 2016. We were absolutely elated to have Chef Tristin on board with us and grateful for his patience and willingness to host the masterclass. Needless to say, the positive response we got from our followers were the most during the masterclass as Tristin effortlessly demonstrated how to create his new recipe – Banoffee Pie Soufflé and his classic – Apple Tarte Tatin. (Recipe Video to be Posted soon!)
Fifth and Final Stop – Laluz
For our final stop, we headed to Dubai International Financial Centre, the hub for some of the best Fine Dining spots in Dubai. We decided to head to Laluz, a newly opened restaurant that boasts molecular Mediterranean cuisine with hints of traditional Spanish.
Located at the Four Seasons Hotel, Laluz is beautifully set up and dimly lit protruding a very romantic yet elegant vibe. But it’s not just the decor that drew us to Laluz. We were told that the restaurant is powered by an Ex El Bulli chef and hence nothing but excellence can be expected in terms of food.
We began our dinner with Spherical Olives (Dhs7 each) that tantalized our taste buds and left us wanting more. We are familiar with the methods of specification but never quiet expected the flavors of the olive to be so phenomenal and dominant.
From the appetizers, we tried the Tomato Tartar with Aromatics (Dhs65), Coco Bread with Tomato and EVOO (Dhs25), Creamy Chicken Croquettes (Dhs12 each) and Dry Aged Galician Beef with Herbs (Dhs115). The tomato tartar tasted very refreshing and was mild on the palette. We loved the combination of the coco bread (bread made with coconut milk that tastes a bit sweet) with the aged beef which the waiter has recommended us to pair together and rightly so. The chicken croquettes with its crisp outer coating and soft creamy center were delicious as well.
From the Cold Starters, we tried the Lobster and Avocado Roll with Caviar (Dhs110) and the Classic Ceviche of “Maigre” homage to Peru (Dhs75). The highlight would most definitely have to be the roll that looked absolutely spectacular and tasted scrumptious too. Loved the combination of lobster and avocado and the simplicity of the entire dish which helps the flavors of the ingredients shine.
From the Hot Starters, we tried the Aubergines with Black Olive Miso (Dhs45) that was perfectly cooked and moist, and the miso helped enhance the flavor and texture of the aubergine. We also had the Galician Octopus grilled with Potato Foam and Smoked Paprika (Dhs105). There aren’t many octopus dishes that we relish, however this was one of them. The octopus was cooked perfectly and we loved the simple yet rustic presentation of the dish. Definitely a must have.
Another not-to-be-missed dish is the Roasted Meat Canelon with Foie Gras (Dhs85). It’s probably the most richest dish on the menu but you’d be making a mistake not ordering it. The meat and foie gras filling literally melts in your mouth and the crepe canelon “wraps” the entire dish up perfectly.
We loved how beautifully and uniquely presented the Mediterranean Prawn Black Rice was (Dhs115). The fresh flavors of the sea shine through this dish, and the textural element plays a massive role in boosting the palatability of this dish.
Finally when it came to dessert, we had the Goat’s Cheese Cake (Dhs45) with Cream Ice Cream, Beetroot and Raspberries. We’ve never tasted a cheesecake made with goat’s cheese before but after devouring this, it’s all we can think about. The saltiness from the goats cheese marries perfectly well with the sweetness from the ice cream. The candied beetroots not only look whimsical but taste delicious too and add a nice crunch.
Last but not the least, we tried the Pop Corn and Dulce De Leche (Dhs47) dessert that sparked fireworks in our mouths. The various components in this dessert may seem complex and intricate, but one spoonful of it will make you weak in the knees. Absolutely loved it!
You can watch our entire snapchat takeover video by clicking here!

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