Restaurant Review – 3in1

The weather is getting a tad bit cooler now (finally) and its the perfect time to soak up some sun and enjoy the fresh air.
Yesterday, we headed to 3in1 located at the very classy Vida Hotel at Downtown Dubai to laze by the pool and later on indulge in a scrumptious meal.
About 3in1:
3in1 is a large contemporary restaurant located on the first floor of the hotel. The restaurant is spacious, vibrant and very urban chic. The decor is modernistic yet minimalistic with hues of nudes and whites. However, the highlight of 3in1 is the magnificent pool that is right outside the restaurant and the large terrace overlooking it. With the weather cooling down, this place is the perfect spot for a lazy day out.

Our day out at 3in1:
We decided to laze outside and relax by the pool before we headed inside for lunch. The pool is surrounded by private cabanas that are perfect for sunbathing. While we were at our cabana, we decided to order two refreshing drinks (their Lychee Ice Tea was absolutely delicious) and spend some quality time taking in the peaceful vibe. When you’re constantly consumed by the hustle and bustle of the city life, you cant help but be grateful when you’re granted a few moments of tranquility.
Lunch at 3in1:
It was not long before our stomachs started growling, so we quickly head back to the dining area to feast on some delicious food.
We started off with a portion of Calamari, Smashed Avocado, Pickled Chillies and Lime Chipotle Vinaigrette. The calamari was seasoned well and perfectly crunchy. Loved the combination of calamari with avocados. We found it a bit odd at first but as soon as we digged into we couldn’t seem to hold back. The vinaigrette as well was delicious and added heat to the dish.
We also also ordered the Roast Beets & Buratta with green beans, afillia cress and vinaigrette . The beetroot was perfectly tender and sweet, and complemented the texture of the burrata perfectly. However, with burrata being our favorite cheese, we could’ve definitely done with a bigger portion of it.
From the Big Plates section of the menu, we ordered the Beef Short Ribs with Horseradish Potato Puree and Heirloom Carrots. The ribs were a bit uncooked and weren’t as flaky as we would’ve liked it to be. However the glaze had the most perfect consistency and elevated the flavor of the dish. The potato puree and the carrots too posed as perfect accompaniments.
We also ordered the Indian Non Veg Tiffin that was served in the most authentic way (how tiffins are prepared in India). The tiffin comprised of one layer of Biryani Rice, one layer of Dhal and one layer of Butter Chicken. The flavors of each component were wholesome and delicious, however they were lacking in spice. Nevertheless, we loved it!
Finally, we ordered the Oriental Board comprising of hummus, Mutabel, Fattoush, Lamb Kofta and Shish Taouk. This dish was rustically presented and a perfect alternative if you’re looking for something healthy. Both the dips were spot on and tasted delicious. We loved the Lamb Kofta in particular that was absolutely succulent and juicy.
The Bill:

Calamari – Dhs51
Roast beets & Buratta – Dhs47
Beef Short Ribs – Dhs93
Indian Non Veg Tiffin – Dhs57
Oriental Board – Dhs58

Ambience – 4/5
Food – 3/5
Service – 3/5
Value – 3/5

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