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A couple of days ago we embarked upon the glistening beaches of Madinat Jumeirah and enjoyed what we could quite possibly call one of our most romantic dinner dates yet! It was our first time dining at Pierchic (yes, we’re as shocked as you) and we couldn’t wait to visit after we hearing about the much awaited “Shellebration” week.
A Shellebration of Seafood:
Shellebration is an annual seafood festival that showcases a specific seafood specialty each week over the course of six weeks. This initiative not only helps guest embark on a culinary journey to exquisite coastal towns but also pays tribute to the freshest produce and authentic regional recipes across Europe’s diverse coastal landscape.
We happened to visit Pierchic at the onset of Portugal week (week three) where the theme was “Feast of St. Anthony – Portugal’s Sardine Festival” with Grilled Portuguese Sardines being the dish of the week. Let’s face it, sardines aren’t the most favored protein when it comes to seafood. However, if you aren’t a fan of sardines, then we’re pretty sure Pier Chic will change your mind. Not only did our dish look rustically beautiful, but we loved the combination of flavors as well. The sardines were cooked beautifully and went well with a generous serving of spaghetti.
Apart from the grilled sardines, we also indulged in a couple of starters and a main to complement our Portuguese specialty dish. For starters, we started off with a Lobster Bisque that comprised of beautifully cooked Butter Poached Lobster and King Crab delicately placed in the center of a bowl with bisque poured at the table. The bisque was well balanced and has a strong crustacean flavor and we loved the consistency of the bisque as well. We also had Seared King Scallops with Seared Foie Gras, Butternut Squash, Golden Raisins and Liquorice. The scallops tasted flawless and complemented the foie gras perfectly. We loved how well the dish was presented and how each element contributed to the dish faultlessly.
Along with our sardines, we also tried the “Glacier 51” Chilean Sea Bass with Green Asparagus, Smoked Sweet Potato and a verjus lemon butter. Another beautifully presented dish that was executed brilliantly. We’ve never paired sweet potato with sea bass before, but the two ingredients go surprisingly well with each other. The verjus lemon butter added a pleasant richness to the dish without overpowering the flavor of the fish.
When it came to dessert, we tried the glorious “Pearl by Pierchic” that looked literally like a work of art. The dessert comprised of a giant intricate dark chocolate dome that encased a smaller white chocolate dome comprising white chocolate mousse and passion fruit curd. The entire structure was beautifully decorated with elements of green tea sponge and chocolate mousse yule log. The flavor of this dessert was spot on with the tartness of the passion fruit cutting through the richness of the chocolate.
As part of the Shellebration week, we also indulged in a popular Portuguese delicacy of a mini Egg Tart comprising flaky and buttery puff pastry filled with a delicious and perfectly set egg custard.
Dont miss a chance to enjoy and indulge in the remaining weeks of Shellebration:
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Week 5 – Amalfi Coast
Week 6 – Galician Octopus Fiest

The Bill:
Lobster Bisque – Dhs115
Seared King Scallops – Dhs210
“Glacier 51” Chilean Sea Bass – Dhs390
Shellebration of the Week – Dhs150

Address & Contact Details:
Al Qasr Hotel
Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai
Tel: 04-4323232

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