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About Carnival by Tresind:
It’s no secret that Carnival is the most talked about restaurant in the city before it even opened its doors and there’s no surprise why. Carnival is the brainchild of the creators of Tresind – one of the best (if not the best) and most valued restaurants in Dubai. The best part about Carnival is not just the fact that each dish is unique in its own charm and will blow your mind away with every morsel, but that fact that each element in the menu is carefully scrutinized to reminisce fond childhood memories.
We’ve been told that the set up at night is a lot more fun and creative during the evening. But during our visit for lunch, we were blown away by the decor nevertheless.
16 reasons why we’re going back to Carnival:
1. Makhanphal : The word “mankhanpal” is a term given to Avocados in India (oddly enough, we weren’t aware of this). This amuse bouche comprised of a block of Cacao Butter Hive topped with silky smooth Avocado and Lime cream. With a beautiful presentation and a burst of sweet and sour flavors, this melt-in-your-mouth delicacy was a perfect start to our Carnival feast!
2. Happy Halloween: Another creatively inspired appetizer comprising of a Mini Kulcha ( a Punjabi flatbread) stuffed with sweet pumpkin filling. The combination of sweet and spice is perfectly balanced and the addition of pumpkin aptly justifies the name for this dish.
3. Life is short, eat dessert first: If you’re familiar with Indian cuisine, you’d be aware by now that Jalebi (a spiral shaped Indian traditional sweet) and Chaat (an Indian savory snack) don’t usually work together. Trust Carnival to prove you wrong. Comprising of Jalebi, Yoghurt Mousse, Potato and Chickpea, this dish ticks all the boxes in terms of balance of flavors and textures.
4. Dal Pulka – The theatrical presentation of this dish transported us right back to Tresind where Mushroom Soup was presented to look like tea. However in this case, the classic and humble Dal (a dried pulse which has been split) is served to resemble a cappuccino! Topped with fresh Truffle Ghee, Cumin Cocoa and served with a Phulka Cookie on the side, one sip and you’re bound to feel warm and content. The simplicity of flavors and the creativity in its execution is what stands out in this dish.
5. Indian Fried Chicken: as straightforward as the name seems to be, the execution is the complete opposite. The fried chicken is served on a cute tiny basket, and resembles a Boondi Ladoo (a popular Indian sweet). The spicy minced chicken is stuffed with cheese and coated with savory “Boondi” (a Rajasthani snack food made from fried chickpea flour). Delicious and mind boggling!
6. Pullinji – Pullinji is basically a Tangy tamarind and spicy ginger and chili chutney, served as part of a traditional Kerala feast. Here, the core ingredients are used as are a marinade for juicy and perfectly cooked prawns that create a firework of flavors in your mouth. However, we were a bit skeptical about the curry leaf crisp since the flavor of the curry leaf was a bit too overpowering.
7. Meatilicious – Our seventh course comprised of a perfectly grilled Lamb Chop served with Mysore Masala and Mini Dosai Crisp. The humble Mysore Masala Dosa is the inspiration for this dish. Mysore Masala Dosa is basically a thin and crisp pancake made from a fermented batter that is spread with a garlic and chili red chutney and filled with spiced potato. At Carnival, the presentation is bit more sophisticated and the Mysore chutney is lathered on the Lamb Chop instead. Purely genius and truly delicious!
8. “See” Food: Expect bold flavors and a beautiful presentation when you order this dish. Served on a shell, the scallops are sous vide and not pan-fried. The fragrant and aromatic Assam Tea Dashi is then poured onto the scallops and topped with chili threads. The dashi broth definitely elevated the flavor of the scallops as well.
9. Malai Baraf: This palette cleanser encompasses Litchi Granita, Raspberry Rose Water and Fresh Cream. The flavors were not overpoweringly sweet as we expected it to be and the refreshing fruity flavors posed as a perfect palette cleanser.
10. Goosebuns: Being familiar with the streets and towns of Bombay, it was a pleasant surprise to find a dish that was inspired by Kurla station’s iconic Bun Maska (a Maharashtrian staple revolving around Bread and Butter) reinvented into a refined version of itself. If you pay close attention to our reviews, you’ll be aware of the fact that we are addicted to Foie Gras and hence couldn’t contain our excitement when we found out that the creamy and rich texture of Foie Gras substituted butter. Needless to say that in spite of swiping the dish clean, we wanted more.
11. Mutton Dressed as Lamb: As the name suggests, this dish comprises of mutton molded to look like a lamb chop. The element of mutton here is in the form of a Galouti Kebab; an aromatic and melt in your mouth kebab derived from the Awadhi cuisine from Lucknow. Served with fermented dough bread, stating that this dish was delicious would be an understatement. The decadently smooth and rich Nihari gravy serves as the perfect accompaniment to the kebab (or chop) and tastes absolutely divine.
12. Carta Farta: One of the most vibrant dishes in terms of flavor was this dish comprising of beautifully steamed Sea Bass En Papillote stewed in a rich Malabar Style Bouillabaisse and served with Lemon Rice on the side. As soon as the fish was unwrapped, our senses were blown away by this fragrant and aromatic gravy that led us to salivate instantly. The lemon rice goes perfectly well with the fish and curry as well.
13. Rustom’s: It’s not every day when you find a doll house being brought to your table nestling your dessert within it. Inspired by the famous ice cream sandwiches from K Rustom in Bombay, this dessert is a much refined version with velvety smooth ice cream and wafer crisp biscuit. Delish!
14. Chaat Wala: If you don’t like your desserts too sweet or heavy, then we’d definitely recommend this to you. Comprising of silky smooth guava parfait, strawberry chaat masala and caramelized boondi, this dessert is packed with freshness and the flavor of guava is positively prominent.
15. The Betels: The flavor of the Betel Nut (Areca Nut) leaf which is used in the preparation of Paan (commonly used as a mouth freshener) is astonishingly converted into a macaroon. The flavor was spot on and transported us right back to India!
16. Gajak: Our grand finale, and we mean this in the most literal sense possible, was the very popular and theatrical dessert that goes by the name of Gajak. Inspired by the eccentric presentation techniques used at Alinea (one of the best restaurants in Chicago and the world), this dessert is artistically prepared at your table on a large silicon mat. With strong hints of caramel, peanut and chocolate, this dessert tasted similar to a snickers bar but looks nowhere close to it.

dsc_0771dsc_0782dsc_0793Apart from the food, they’ve got some of the most quirkiest and funkiest drinks we’ve ever come across. Since we don’t indulge much in alcohol we’d leave it to you to explore the drinks menu for yourselves 🙂
Life is Short, Eat Dessert First – Dhs 70
Dal Phulka – Dhs 61
Meatlilicious – Dhs 110
Goosebuns – Dhs 122
See Food – Dhs 84 (single serving)
Pullinji – Dhs 108
Mutton Dressed as Lamb – Dhs 138
Carta Farta – Dhs 142
Chaat Wala – Dhs 71
Gajak – Dhs 150
Rustom’s – Dhs 60

Address & Contact Details:
Podium Level
Burj Daman
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04 2759071

Ambiance: 4.5/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value: 4.5/5

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