Restaurant Review – Eat Sol

A perfect concoction of Music, Art and Food:
There’s something about hidden gems that sends shivers down our spine. And the perfectly grammable pictures of their sliders and shakes on Instagram drew us to Eat Sol like a moth to a flame. How else can you explain WhereMyFoodAt being spotted in Sharjah on a weekday?
Eat Sol truly is a hidden gem. The vibe and ambiance of the place is casual and relaxed; and you can’t help but gaze and admire the most creative graffiti work adorned all over the walls. It truly seems like a restaurant straight out of Pinterest.
The Food:
Its pretty evident that Eat Sol has spent a larger sum of their time on perfecting the menu and ensuring the most premium ingredients are used. You’ll know what we’re talking about once you try their signature and our favorite, Kofta Slider that’s to die for! The slider comprises of a soft potato bun encompassing SOL sauce, juicy and melt in your mouth kofta, grilled tomatoes, onions and a Biwaz salad. It might seem a bit strange, but we judge the quality of the slider based on the bun used (more so than the patty itself) and these buns were super buttery and melted in our mouths. Having said that, the kofta patty was no less sensational, rounding up to be the BEST BURGER we’ve ever had (and trust us we’ve eaten ALOT of burgers).
We also adored their Dynamite Shawarma Roll comprising of soft potato bun (yay!), chicken shawarma, dynamite sauce, coleslaw and spring onion. What we loved about this roll was the subtle heat from the dynamite sauce that went perfectly well with the moist chicken. The coleslaw added a nice crunch and freshness to the roll too.
Another favorite is the Batata with Shawarma. It’s basically the most indulgent item on the menu comprising of a huge stack of fries (good enough for two people to share) and loaded with chicken shawarma (you can ask for meat shawarma as well), cheddar cheese, fried onion, SOL sauce and jalapeno. We wish the fries were a bit more crisp, however the rest of the components made up for the lack of crispiness.
From the shakes (or “Freakshakes” as most of them are popularly referred to as these days), we tried the Snickers and MnM’s Shake comprising of peanut butter shake topped with MnM’s , whipped cream, snickers chunks, pretzels and caramel sauce. The shake looked and tasted sinfully delicious, and the portions were ginormous too. We also had the Lotus Shake topped with vanilla frosting, lotus crumble, mars chocolate, lotus biscuits and lotus caramelized sauce. It was definitely one of the best Lotus Shakes we’ve indulged it. The flavor of the lotus was rather evident but not too overpowering at the same time. Loved it!

Address & Contact Details:
Al Buhaira
Near Copthorne Hotel
Al Majaz
Sharjah, UAE
Tel: 05 5566686

The Bill:
Kofta Sliders – Dhs 28 (for two)
Dynamite Shawarma Roll – Dhs 28 (for two)
Batata with Shawarma – Dhs 25
Snickers and MnM’s Shake – Dhs 36
Lotus Shake – Dhs 35

Ambience: 3.5/5
Food: 4.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value: 4.5/5

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