Restaurant Review – Fuego

About Fuego:
There are a few Mexican restaurants we adore for its authenticity and great flavors, and Fuego easily bags its spot in the list. Fuego is a contemporary Mexican fine dining restaurant that serves authentic Mexican delicacies in a chic and classy set up. Although we would’ve preferred the vibrant flair that most Mexican restaurants are attached to, the elegant set up at Fuego serves as a perfect spot for a celebratory dinner or a romantic night out. After dining at Fuego and trying out their spectacular Street Food Friday Brunch, we thought it would be only fair to experience their A La Carte menu as well.
Our Mexican Fiesta:
We started off with “Guacamole On The Spot” where a trolley is pulled up to your table and fresh guacamole is prepared on the spot. Watching guacamole prepared in front of you is somewhat like a mini theatrical performance, and the kind server adjusting the spice level based on our preference is the best part!
We also tried the Tacos De Carnitas De Pato which are Mexican Duck Confit Tacos witth Guajillo (a type of chili or pepper) Puree, Tomatillo Sauce and Fruit Pico De Gallo (a type of salsa). The freshness of the taco is strongly evident and the taste and quality of the duck confit is spot on! Loved the addition of mild and spicy sauces that balanced the flavors out beautifully and complemented the flavors of the duck perfectly.
Next, we tried the Tacos Gringo comprising of Corn Shell Tortilla, Minced Beef, Pico De Gallo, Avocado Puree, Sour Cream and Asian Mix. The overall taste of the tacos were pleasantly good. We loved the texture and flavor of the beef in particular and how it generously filled up the taco.
For our mains, we tried the Enchilada Poblanas. The Enchilada Poblanas is basically a corn tortilla rolled around a filling and covered with a sauce, cooked in casserole style. The enchiladas were filled with cotija cheese (hard cow’s milk cheese), shredded chicken and red mole sauce which is a classical Mexican sauce that incorporates chillies, chocolate and nuts. The chicken was beautifully tender and worked well with the sauce. The enchiladas melted in our mouths as we bit into them and the richness of the red mole sauce rounded up the dish perfectly.
Our final main course and the highlight of our meal had to be the Guava and Tequila Short Ribs. The ribs were absolutely flaky and tender and the delicious homemade guava and tequilla BBQ sauce tasted absolutely addictive. Paired with chipotle potatoes and sweet corn, this dish not to missed!
Finally for dessert, we tried the Chocolate Fantasia which was beautifully plated. The dish comprised of chocolate brownie, chocolate soil, chocolate sphere , guava ice cream and spicy chocolate sauce. Although the presentation was unique and looked delicious, we weren’t too fond of the quality of chocolate used.

Address & Contact Details:
Level 3, Souk Al Bahar
Downtown Dubai
Dubai , UAE
Tel: 04 4490977

The Bill:
Guacamole On The Spot – Dhs 49
Tacos De Carnitas De Pato – Dhs 62
Tacos Gringo – Dhs 49
Enchilada Poblanas- Dhs 65
Tequila Short Ribs – Dhs 155
Chocolate Fantasia – Dhs 45

Ambiance: 3/5
Food: 3/5
Service: 3.5/5

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