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Catalan-inspired Dinner at Ossiano:
In a city like Dubai it’s relatively easy for restaurants to overshadow each other and for most of them, their spot in the limelight fades after a while. Ossiano, a restaurant that holds three Michelin stars, is one such fine dining restaurant that sets itself apart from the rest. We’re not just talking about the quality and refinement of the food served, but the glistening ambiance and impeccable service that adds to a memorable (and probably the best) dining experience you’ll ever have.
Dining amidst the Sea:
Ossiano is housed at the majestic Atlantis Hotel and shares a wall with the underwater Ambassador lagoon aquarium possessing over 65,000 marine creatures. As you walk down the elegant spiral staircase, you are graced with a delightful view of the restaurant that seemed very classy and intimate. The best part about Ossiano is the fact no matter which table you sit at, you are bound to be mesmerized by the beauty of sharks, stingrays and a million other marine fish. Ossiano easily bags the spot for best the romantic restaurant we’ve dined at till date.
Ossiano Experience Menu:
If you truly want to relish the extraordinary cuisine served at Ossiano, look no further than the Experience Menu that serves some of the best and signature dishes at Ossiano. The Experience Menu comprises of a seven course menu where guests get to choose their preferences for each course from the options available. Since there were two of us, we decided to make sure different dishes from each course were ordered (we reckon you do the same).
Course 1. Our first course was an amuse bouche (no options available here) of Kelly Oyster No.2 (from Galway Bay Ireland) with Cucumber and Ginger Granita and Sour Cream. The presentation was artistic and the flavors definitely tantalized our taste buds.
Course 2. Our next course comprised of Wagyu Beef Tartare “MB 5” with Mustard, Avocado and French Condiments. The presentation was impeccable (as expected) and the flavors married perfectly together. Loved the texture of the avocado mousse as well. We also tried the Alaskan King Crab with Mandarin, Mascarpone Yuzu Cream and Vanilla Pickled Carrot. The mandarin was creatively served in the form of jelly, and blankets the perfectly cooked crab. Overall, the dish showed technique and a positively interesting combination of flavors.
Course 3. We then moved on the decadently plated Foie Gras Tart with Kumquat “Textures”, Soy and Orange. Although the texture of the tart was perfect, we wished for the flavor of the foie gras to be a bit more evident. We also savored the Yellowfin Tuna “Ceviche” with Bell Peppers and Raspberry Sorbet, Red Chili and Pomegranate. Another very interesting dish in terms of choice of flavors and ingredients which somehow seemed to work perfectly together. The freshness and quality of the tuna is what shines through in this dish, and the bell pepper and raspberry sorbet tasted divine!
Course 4. Next, we tried the Crispy Veal Sweet Bread with Tonka and Coffee, Parsnips and Roasted Pear & North Sea Langoustine with Leek and Smoked Goose Agnoletti, Brown Onion Emulsion and Buckwheat. We’ve always wanted to sweetbread before (a culinary name for the thymus or the pancreas) but never really got the chance to. The combination of the veal and poached pear were exquisite in terms of both, texture and flavor. We also loved the simplicity and delicate presentation of the langoustine which was cooked to perfection.
Course 5. Among all the beautifully prepared dishes, the Caramelized Black Cod with Homemade Linguine, Almond Foam and Zucchini definitely stood out. Its amazing how something so remarkable can be produced with such simple ingredients. The cod was flaky and the delicate homemade linguine was a definite stand out. Last but not the least, our final savory dish for the night was the Ossiano Beef Sirloin “Rossini” with Cheeks and Jus Croquette, Celeriac, Tonkatsu and Foie Gras. The taste was as extravagant as the description. The beef was cooked to perfection and the foie gras added the right amount of richness the dish needed. All in all, a perfectly executed dish.
Course 6. Before we began to dive into our desserts, we were presented with a beautifully plate Cheese Platter comprising three different cheeses and jams/jellies.
Course 7. It’s safe to say that our final course was probably one of the best among the seven. We were presented with two stunningly elegant desserts that blew us away in their own special way. In particular, we adored the dessert that comprised of meringue, strawberries and hints of rose. The different types of textures were flawless and the addition of rose and strawberries were the ultimate aphrodisiac!

7 Course Ossiano Experience Menu: Dhs 890 (without alcohol) & Dhs 1390 (with wine pairing)
(You could also opt for the 4 course menu priced at Dhs 670 and the 5 course menu priced at Dhs 785).

Address & Contact Details:
Atlantis Hotel
The Palm
Dubai , UAE
Tel: 04 4262626

Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Value: 4/5

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