Restaurant Review – Besh

About Besh:
We’ve been finding our visits to newly opened Turkish restaurants becoming more frequent. Is it because the cuisine is slowly taking over the culinary scene of Dubai or the fact that our palettes are suddenly craving (and appreciating) Turkish food? We’ll never know. What we do know for certain is that Besh, an authentic Turkish restaurant, effortlessly manages to top the list of one of the best Turkish food we’ve had. With intimate and rustic indoor settings and wholesome food at a very reasonable price, we’re convinced Besh is the one to beat.
The Food:
We started off with the classic Hummus from the selection of Cold Mezze. The Hummus (a dip made from mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic) has the most perfect silky-smooth consistency and the flavors were well balanced too. We also ordered a portion of the Sheppard’s Salad which was a beautifully refreshing Middle Eastern summer salad . What distinguishes this salad are the fresh herbs and sumac used to season it. It serves as a perfect accompaniment with almost any dish. From the selection of Hot Mezze we tried the famous Turkish dish “Manti” which are small Beef Dumplings. Also known as “Turkish Ravioli”, these little dumplings are coated in Yoghurt sauce and were cooked perfectly. They tasted delicious and were absolutely tender and melted in our mouths. Definitely going back for these!
Another dish we loved and experienced for the first time was a Turkish classic called “Etli Dolma” which is basically Lamb Stuffed Vegetables. The word “Dolma” is used for vegetables like aubergines, peppers and tomatoes that can be stuffed. We loved how the peppers were cooked until tender and how it complemented the meat perfectly. The tomato sauce used was flavorful too.
From the Main Course we tried the “Iskender Kebabi” which is Lamb and Beef Kebabs. Iskender Kebab is one of the most famous meat foods of northwestern Turkey. The dish is prepared from thinly cut grilled lamb and beef basted with hot tomato sauce. It’s one of the most delicious kebabs we’ve ever had; absolutely tender and juicy and tastes even better with pita bread and yoghurt!
Another dish we truly savored was the “Sucuklu Pide” or Spiced Sausage Pide. The pide, which is a flat bread, is stuffed with dry spicy sausage is cooked in a stone oven. Tastes like Turkish version of a pizza.
From the selection of Charcoal Grills we tried the “Fistik Kebabi” which are Beef and Pistachio Kebabs. This was probably one of our least favorite dishes since the kebab was dry and we couldn’t really taste the nuttiness from the pistachio.
For dessert, we tried something Besh is popularly known for, their Kunefe. Loved how perfectly stringy the cheese was, how deliciously crunchy vermicelli noodles were and how the entire dessert was not overtly sweet. Yum!

Address & Contact Details:
Level 5
Sheraton Dubai
Mall of the Emirates
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04 4376058

The Bill:
Hummus – Dhs 20
Sheppard’s Salad – Dhs 25
Manti – Dhs 25
Etli Dolma – Dhs 30
Iskender Kebabi – Dhs 60
Sucuklu Pide – Dhs 35
Fistik Kebabi – Dhs 65
Kunefe – Dhs 30

Ambiance: 3.5/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 4/5

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