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The most charming Beach Taverna Dubai:
It’s the most talked about restaurant in city, its the most Intagrammed restaurant in the recent past and its a unique concept like no other. Yep you’ve guessed it, we’re talking about Fish Dubai.
Using the freshest catch of the day, Fish Dubai helps you discover the true taste of Turkish cuisine and indulge in wild, cold water fish from the Aegean Sea whilst lounging at the beach and enjoying scenic views of the palm.
Although the restaurant boasts of its authentic Turkish cuisine powered by their experienced Turkish chefs and their team of fishermen in Turkey, the ambiance and decor of Fish Dubai is very Grecian with hues of whites and blues. This restaurant is undoubtedly the most romantic restaurant you can dine at and with the weather cooling down, you have no excuse not to go!
The Food:
The food served at Fish Dubai is produced using the freshest ingredients that are handpicked in Turkey and flown directly into Dubai’s shores.
To begin with, with started with Gavurdagli which is a refreshing salad comprising of tomato, red and white onions, sumac, parsley, pomegranate sauce, green pepper, toasted walnuts, olive oil and lemon dressing. The sweet tomatoes in this salad are so packed with flavor that you can just eat them alone, without any accompaniment.
From the Cold Plates we tried the Cacik which is yoghurt mixed with cucumber, garlic and fresh mint. The seasoning was perfect and the dip tastes brilliant with sourdough bread.
We also tried the Atom, which is another dip comprising of grilled eggplant, served with garlic yoghurt and spicy Atom sauce, olive oil, butter, chili and walnuts. Loved the addition of heat in this dip that wasn’t overwhelmingly strong. The eggplant added to the texture and gave a nice smokiness to the dip.
From the Cold Fish Plates, we tried the Levrek which is salted sea bass marinated in fresh herbs, served with orange, rosemary, fresh oregano and olive oil. As much as we loved the way the fish was cooked (perfectly tender), we weren’t too keen on the combination of orange, herbs and sea bass and felt they didn’t complement each other.
However, we loved the Ahtapot which comprised of orange vinaigrette marinated octopus served with lemon olive oil. The octopus was deliciously tender and the flavors of the vinaigrette married perfectly with the flavors of the octopus.
From the Hot Plates, we tried the Guvec which is a Turkish oven baked stew similar to ratatouille. The dish comprises of shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, long green peppers served with melted cheese. The symphony of flavors in this dish was delectable and the shrimps were perfectly cooked as well. Delicious!
We also tried the Kalamar Tava which is basically deep fried Calamari served with tartar sauce. The portions were enormous and the calamari was well seasoned. However in terms of flavor, this dish didn’t do much for us.
We also tried the Fresh Catch of the day which was Sea bass. Needless to say, the premium quality and humble flavors of the fish was flawless and impeccable (to say the least).
For desserts, we tried the “Rumeli” which constitutes yoghurt, gum mastic, fresh cream pudding served with homemade wild berry jam. The dessert was pleasantly light on the palette and the tartness of the jam cuts through the sweetness of the pudding.
Finally, we also had the Laz Borek which comprised of forty layers filo pastry filled with secret sauce and served with vanilla ice cream. Its very similar to a Portuguese custard pie in terms of taste and the crunch from the upper crust is absolutely delightful!
Address & Contact Details:
The Westin Mina Seyahi
Al Sufouh Road
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04 5117139

The Bill:
Gavurdagli – Dhs 40
Cacik – Dhs 40
Atom – Dhs 40
Levrek – Dhs 40
Ahtapo – Dhs 40
Kalamar Tava – Dhs 55
Guvec – Dhs 65
Rumeli – Dhs 45
Laz Borek – Dhs 45

Ambiance: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 4/5

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  1. I love the look of this place and im def stopping here on my next visit to Dubai 🙂
    Your review of the food sounds mouthwatering…

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