Restaurant Review – Weslodge Saloon

About Weslodge :
Weslodge is a young Canadian chain that has finally made its debut in Dubai during the month of March 2016. Located at the JW Marquis, the theme of Weslodge’s menu is contemporary American with a slight Canadian tweak to it. As for the ambiance, their iconic yellow doors did stand out for us. Moreover, the rugged yet chic ambiance powered by a 360 degree view of Dubai adds to the “rock and roll” vibe they aim to portray.
FYI: Weslodge’s Dhs 220, 000 four meter grill built by Grillworks in the United States is the largest grill in the Middle East. Executive chef Ben Heaton sanctimoniously brags about it too.
About the “Toast & Jam” Saturday Brunch:
We’re not enthusiastic brunch-goers (if we dare say so) and we’re very selective of the places we chose for brunching. Having said that, we had decided to try out Weslodge’s Saturday brunch since we had the most amazing time a few months ago during their launch.
When it came to the food, a lot of the dishes were impeccable. We started off with Tasting Plates of Burrata Roasted Peaches, Ahi Tuna Ceviche, Mini Lobster Rolls, Weslodge Chop Salad and their famous Fried Chicken Waffles to begin with. Our favorites had to be the Lobster Rolls with their soft buttery buns, perfectly cooked and generously filled lobster and truffle mornay sauce to wrap up the flavors. We also adored their Fried Chicken Waffles that had the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. The buttermilk waffles were soft and light and the chicken had a deliciously spicy and crunchy skin.
As far as our mains go, we opted for the Avocado Toast with two Poached eggs on top dressed with cilantro, chili, lime and sour cream hollandaise. Unfortunately, this was a disappointment for us. The poached eggs were hard boiled and the yolk wasn’t runny (we were asked about our preferences either). The flavor of the chili and lime was barely evident leading to the dish tasting very bland.
We ordered the Eggs Benedict as well with smoked brisket and steak spiced potatoes. Again, the eggs weren’t runny which was a huge disappointment, however the brisket was tender and had a nice sweet-smokey flavor.
Our third main course was the “Weslodge Breakfast” comprising of two eggs, smoked brisket, baked beans, jalapeno biscuit and cuban slaw. Luckily this time, the eggs were cooked to our preference and the beans tasted delicious. We also liked the heat from the jalapeno biscuit, however found the texture of the biscuit too dense and doughy.
We also tried the Prime Rib Sandwich! The beef was tender and melted in our mouths and we loved the dash of horseradish along with a side of thick cut fries that elevated the flavor of the sandwich. Delish!
For our fifth and final main, we decided to take the sweet route and opt for the Buttermilk Pancakes. This was without doubt the best of all our mains. The pancakes were soft, fluffy and light and tasted perfect with the strawberries, elderflower, maple syrup and vanilla creme fraiche.
We ended our brunch with dessert and coffee. Our desserts comprised of Peach Cobbler, Banoffee Pie, Key Lime Pie, Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart and Pecan Pie. Loved all of them, particularly the Pecan Pie that was decadently rich and indulgent and the Peach Cobbler that was baked to perfection and wasn’t too sweet.

On another note, being food bloggers, we feel it’s important to be transparent and direct with our followers regarding our entire dining experience – be it a positive or negative one. Having said that, the service we received at Weslodge was an utter mood killer (and that’s us sugarcoating it). We were barely given much attention, our mains took 45 minutes to arrive, our desserts – another 45 minutes as well and our server seemed to be forced into attending us that day. Also, when we asked for a “Flat White”, she boorishly replied “You mean a latte?”, when clearly it’s not the same thing. Needless to say, we ended up drinking a “latte” and it’s safe to say that our server probably still lives in denial assuming a latte and a flat white are the same thing. This just goes to show that no matter how delicious or impeccable the food is, if the server is bad, the entire dining experience is bad. 

Address & Contact Details:
JW Marriot Marquis Hotel
68th floor
Tel: 04 5601700

The Bill:
We opted for “The Good” brunch package comprising of select mocktails, juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea – Dhs 345
You can also opt for the below two packages:
– “The Bad” comprising of select brunch cocktails, house spirits, wine and beer – Dhs 445
– “The Ugly” comprising of select brunch cocktails, house spirits, wine, beer and champagne – Dhs 545

Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 2/5
Value: 3/5

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