Restaurant Review – Yuan

An Award Winning Chinese Restaurant with a Contemporary Twist:
Last week we went on a very special dinner date to one of the most hottest and exclusive nightspots in Dubai. Yuan, an authentic Chinese restaurant with a contemporary twist is located at one of the most iconic and sought-after hotel in Dubai, Atlantis, The Palm. The entire restaurant protrudes a sense of exclusivity. For one, there is a separate entrance to the restaurant (gave a very “nightclubby” feel) and the vibe and ambiance of the place is unlike any other Chinese restaurant we’ve been to.
The Food:
First off, the menu seemed like no ordinary Chinese menu. The play of ingredients and textures in each item of the menu seemed so positively appealing, to an extent where we wished we had the appetite of elephants and could order the entire menu!
With a lot of restraint and special assistance from our kind server, we ordered some of the “must try” dishes on the menu. We began with the Yuan Mini Dim Sum Platter. The platter comprises of three different types of dimsums – prawn, chicken and scallop, that’s sufficient for one person. We loved the prawn dim sum in particular since the prawn was served whole and not minced. Yum!
You can’t go to a Chinese restaurant and not order a Peking Duck; so we did just that! The Peking Duck at Yuan served with Homemade Pancakes are absolutely spectacular. The duck was tender and the skin was perfectly crisp. Can’t get better than this and we highly recommend this dish!
We read “Crispy Eggplant Crusted with Caramelized Chicken Floss” on the menu and had to order it since we’ve never tried chicken floss before. The dish stirred mixed reviews on the table. Although the eggplant was perfectly soft and cooked until tender, the floss had a peculiar texture and wasn’t as crunchy as we would’ve hoped.
If you plan on visiting Yuan anytime in the near future, make sure to try one of their dishes from the “Lobster Special” menu that’s part of Yuan’s special promotion. We loved the Sautéed Lobster with Curry Fragrant that was wonderfully flavorful. The lobster was cooked beautifully well and the strong aromas from the curry sauce completely filled up our senses.
We also loved the Hong Kong Style Beef Tenderloin in Black Pepper Sauce. The combination of beef and pepper sauce is perfect and the quality of beef used was premium too. The flavors were well balanced and we highly recommend trying this dish out with fried rice or noodles. Yum!
The Beijing Style “Zhajiang” Noodles with Braised Minced Chicken was delicious too. The noodles had a slight bite to it (which we loved) and the minced chicken was tender and flavored well.
For dessert, we tried the Raspberry Sphere with Yoghurt Foam, Umeshu Jelly and Raspberry Crispies. An absolutely refreshing dessert that was pretty to look at and tasted phenomenal too. Loved the textural play of the raspberries crispies as well.
Speaking of texture, we loved the “Chocolate Rocks” made from Chocolate Aeration as well that’s served with Salted Caramel and Honey Ice Cream. The presentation of the dessert seemed so realistic (looked exactly like rocks) and the texture was remarkable too. We highly recommend this dessert!

Address & Contact Details:
Atlantis, The Palm
Crescent Road
Tel: 04 4262626

The Bill:
Yuan Mini Dim Sum Platter – Dhs 70
Peking Duck with Homemade Pancakes – Dhs 230 (Half) & Dhs 395 (Full)
Crispy Eggplant Crusted with Caramelized Chicken Floss – Dhs 60
Sauteed Lobster with Curry Fragrant – Dhs 250
Hong Kong Style Beef Tenderloin in Black Pepper Sauce – Dhs 155
Beijing Style “Zhajiang” Noodles with Braised Minced Chicken – Dhs 75
Raspberry Sphere with Yoghurt Foam, Umeshu Jelly and Raspberry Crispies – Dhs 60
“Chocolate Rocks” made from Chocolate Aeration, Salted Caramel and Honey Ice Cream – Dhs 65

Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 3.5/5

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