Breakfast at At.mosphere

There’s one thing for sure when you dine at a restaurant like At.mosphere, and that’s the fact that it will most certainly be one of the grandest meals you’ve ever had in Dubai. We still remember a couple of years ago when we first stepped foot into this exuberant restaurant; there’s a sense of finesse, elegance, and royalty right from the moment you step out of the elevator.
Foodie or not, dining at At.mosphere is at experience not to be missed. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, a meal here should definitely be on your bucket list. Why is it so fancy and expensive you may ask? Well, dining at the world’s highest restaurant, in the world’s tallest building doesn’t come at a reasonable price. But hey! Every cloud has a silver lining, and a restaurant with a high caliber like At.mosphere has come up with a tempting breakfast offer that might finally make you reach out for your cell phones and make that long-awaited reservation.
Breakfast within the clouds:
Agreed, the prices we’re about to disclose doesn’t come anywhere close to what one would usually spend for breakfast. But this is not just an ordinary breakfast. This is an opportunity for those who haven’t experienced the impeccable food and service offered at At.mosphere to witness it at a slightly lesser cost than one would be required to splurge at for lunch or dinner.
The breakfast package comes with unlimited soft drinks, juices, tea, and coffee, as well as a vintage stand filled with Bread, Croissants and other pastry selections, Sliced Fruits and Berries, Cold Cuts, Cheeses, Butter, Jam and our favorite Greek Yoghurt and Granola Parfait. Yum!
When it comes to the main course, you have seven options to choose from including eggs, waffles, french toast, and crepes. For an addition Dhs95, you can even opt for their Breakfast Signatures which include Steak and Eggs, Blue Lobster Eggs Benedict and Truffle Scrambled Eggs. Since we take the first meal of our day very seriously, we opted for three mains. First, we tried the Organic 3 Egg Omelet filled with tomato, chorizo, capsicum, cheddar and turkey ham. Let’s take a moment to appreciate how flawlessly perfect this omelet looks. And we loved the portion too! If we had to make one criticism, it would be on the chorizo since we found the texture a bit rubbery.
Next, We tried the Blue Lobster Eggs Benedict with Béarnaise sauce. The lobster was cooked perfect, the eggs were runny and the sauce was fabulous. This dish lacked presentation, but other than that, the flavors were spot on!
Finally, we ordered the Brioche French Toast with Orange Compote and White Chocolate Mascarpone. Again, the components of this dish complemented each other well, and the presentation was positively appealing. The brioche was beautifully soft and melted in our mouths too.

Address and Contact Details:
Burj Khalifa
Downtown Dubai
Dubai, UAE
04 888 3828

The Bill:
Dhs325 per person including drinks, continental stand and one main course, additional Dhs95 for Breakfast Signatures.

Ambiance: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value: 3.5/5

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