Restaurant Review – Catch 22

Looking for a Catch?
We’ve finally discovered a restaurant that focuses primarily on good, wholesome food and nothing else. Be it a casual lunch on a weekday, a night out with friends and family, or even a date night with your better-half, Catch22 seems to be the perfect spot for all your culinary and epicurean needs.
The Food:
We started off with the C22 shrimp as an appetizer. Loved the generously filled crispy fried shrimp that was perfectly cooked inside. The highlight of this dish would definitely have to be the sauce that had a lovely tangy flavor and complemented the shrimp beautifully.
Next, we tried Po Boy Slider that was served with three different colored slider buns filled with hammour, shrimp and poached lobster that were cooked just right. Each slider had its own distinctive flavor without overpowering the flavor of the seafood. Not to forget the bread that was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.
No matter where we are, when we see ‘Lobster Roll’ on the menu, we HAVE TO order it. Unlike most lobster rolls we’ve had, the portion served here is pretty generous. Although we loved the subtle flavors and the sweetness of the lobster, we weren’t too pumped about the addition of papaya and tobiko.
One of the more intriguing dishes on the menu was the Cheeseburger Sushi Roll. This dish was a slight let-down since the ratio of rice to meat was a bit off and the meat was overcooked as well.
On the other hand, the C22 short rib roll was a firm favorite on our table.  In terms of flavor, we loved the combination of sweet and spicy that were well balanced and tasted addictively good.  The small chunks of meat were perfectly juicy and tender and the addition of pickled onions wrapped the dish up beautifully.
The Braised Short Rib Sticks was another stunner of a dish that hit the mark in terms of taste and is perfect for sharing. The ribs were flaky and tender and the most beautifully crispy texture.
The Fish & Chips were rather appetizing and looking flawlessly rustic. Served with traditional, crispy potato wedges, cabbage slaw, remoulade and ‘Catchup’, this dish is a definite crowd-pleaser. The hammour was cooked until flaky and tender, however, the batter used could’ve been better in terms of seasoning. Maybe the addition of spices or a slightly thinner batter would’ve made the dish shine.
For dessert, we were super excited to try the Lotus French Toast that comprised of thick cut brioche stuffed with lotus cream  and drizzled with vanilla bean crème anglaise. The addition of Lotus definitely elevated the dish and gave it that sweet caramelized flavor.
Finally, we ended our meal with Popcorn Chocolate Ganache comprising of a gooey ganache baked with chocolate chip cookies, caramel popcorn, fresh raspberries and vanilla ice cream. This dessert is a toffee-lovers dream paradise! The flavors weren’t too complicated but tasted absolutely indulgent and scrumptious.

The Bill:
C22 Shrimp – Dhs42
Po Boy Slider – Dhs34
Lobster Roll – Dhs58
Cheeseburger Roll – Dhs32
C22 Short Rib Roll – Dhs38
Braised Short Rib Catch Sticks – Dhs 20
Fish and Chips – Dhs55
Lotus French Toast – Dhs44
Popcorn Chocolate Ganache – Dhs50

Address and Contact Details:
The Beach
Jumeirah Beach Residence
Dubai, UAE
Tel: 04 424 3057

Ambiance: 4/5
Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value: 4/5

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